Bug Out the Complete Plan

Before you start any preparations, you should have a bug out the complete plan outlined and written down. This will include lists, guides, and maps for every possible end of the world scenario and should be readily available to your entire survival party.


While the current obsession with electronic media means that you'll probably store a version on various computers, you should have a printed paper copy in your home and bug out bags so that you won't be without a copy when you need it.


Your bug out the complete plan should try and cover every eventuality ranging from losing your home through financial reasons to preparing for a nuclear strike on your hometown. The ideal bug out the complete plan should include the following guides as to what to pack and how to be ready for an immediate departure. 

  • Transport - getting to your base camp quickly and efficiently will drastically increase your chances of survival in an apocalyptic scenario. Your plan will therefore need to talk about a bug out vehicle, including ones that don't use gas such as a bug out bike or bug out boat. The plan should also cover what to pack in a bug out trailer as this will allow you to carry bigger items that will help you set up a permanent camp.

  • Security - as tough as it may be to think about, the reality of a TEOTWAWKI event is that there will be no law enforcement and society will quickly be reduced to a survival of the fittest mentality. This means that those who haven't prepared as well as you will want to take what you have by force. Your bug out the complete plan should cover how you plan to defend yourselves, including which bug out gun you will have as well as any other diy home security measures you'll take like traps and tripwires. 
  • Accommodation - when you're planning your ideal bug out location, you'll need your complete plan to think about where and how you'll spend the first few days and weeks. Most likely, you'll want a contingency planning for bug out camping in case you end up stranded too far from your intended base camp to make it in a day. Your basic bug out kit list should include things that will help you set up camp like fire lighters and a pop up tent to help keep you warm and dry till you reach your permanent accommodation. 
  • Food and water - everyone in your survival group should have a ready supply of MRE, high calorie nutrition bars and freeze dried food as part of their bug out kit. However, it can be a sensible decision to create drop boxes near to your homes where you can store canned and other sealed food in boxes underground. This will allow everyone access to food in case they have to leave home in a hurry and forget their supplies, or if their bug out kit is destroyed in the disaster.

Other Information to Include


Your bug out the complete plan should be a mix of guides and contingency plans so that everyone knows what they need to do in any disaster scenario. The pack should also include detailed maps showing your various escape routes and rendezvous points for your group in different survival situations. 

Make sure, however, that you use a simple key and encryption for your maps so that only the people in your survival party know the exact locations of your base camps, as your complete plan may get lost or stolen and you don't want intruders to know where to find you and your survival cache.

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