Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials at beprepared.com has an extensive inventory of survival and emergency products, as well as advice for prepping for any disaster such as the end of society as it is or for a few days from a power disruption. Founded in 1987, it is one of the most respected and highly rated sources for long-term food and emergency supplies, offering knowledge and instructions before you start blindly buying products.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

On the site, it has a "Read First" section, which gives easy to understand directions for preparing for a disaster, whether it is job loss, Armageddon or any other calamity of life. The first step in disaster preparedness is developing a plan. Under Education on the website, templates for plans and check lists are available for you to download and follow beginning with an emergency plan template and including:

  • Urban emergency checklist
  • Before a hurricane checklist
  • During a hurricane checklist
  • After a hurricane checklist
  • Neighborhood emergency plan
  • Essential phone numbers
  • Emergency information for caregivers

You can use the hurricane checklists as a reference to create checklists for floods, if you live in a flood zone, winter storm emergencies or whatever natural or man made disasters that are likely to strike in your area.

Food Storage

Emergency Essentials has hundreds of food products that you can eat now, use them for your everyday recipes or in the recipes that are posted alongside the food products. The freeze-dried and dehydrated products will last from 10 to 25 years or longer if you don't open them and if you store them in a cool area. Military style MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are available also.

The Education section of the website provides a guide for selecting the products and the amount of products you should stockpile for you and your family. It encourages you to learn about prepping so you buy wisely and only what you really need. You can buy individual packages of particular foods or multi packs.

Cooking Supplies

Shop for cooking supplies at Emergency Essentials, where you will find hand and motorized grain mills, dehydrators, food storage containers, and other food processing equipment so you can prepare and store your food with and without power. The cooking tools are perfect for preparing food in a catastrophic situation.


Water is a priority item for survival and the website breaks down its water products into prepackaged water, water storage and water filters and purification products. They recognize that every emergency situation is unique within itself and you can choose the options for providing water that most likely will suit your needs.

Essential Gear

The beauty of the website is the clear, no nonsense lay out, making it easy to find first aid kits, communication aids and shelter products as well as many other needed items for success in a short-term or long-term survival situation. The categories of products in this section is also a reminder of the things that you need to consider when prepping, which includes:

  • Shelter
  • Warmth
  • Lighting and Communications
  • Power Generation
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • First Aid and Medical Kits
  • Storage and Tools


The Outdoors tab also provides those products that will increase the likelihood of survival outside. Tents, tools and sleeping bags are among the products that are offered to provide comfort in the outdoors.

Online and Offline Tools

Emergency Essentials has a variety of online resources to provide information sharing such as:

You also can subscribe to the Emergency Essentials newsletter, you can order their catalog or even visit the brick and mortar stores in various locations in Utah. The website, however, is a great resource for planning for emergencies and then for buying the products that you need to survive short term or long term emergencies. Overall, the prices of their survival supplies are often less than competitors and their periodic sales are a great way to build your provisions at affordable prices.

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