"I love the smell of napalm in the morning" - Apocalypse Now.

While Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore might like the smell of napalm in the morning, few if any of us want to wake up and find ourselves in the middle of a disaster and realise we have done nothing if anything to have prepared for that event.

It could be a hurricane, an earthquake or sudden flood. Or perhaps it’s a financial crisis that’s hit your family hard. Whatever it might be, you can follow our blog so that you can be prepared for anything the world and its wife might throw at you.

We update this blog very frequently so come back often to be sure you haven’t missed that important nugget of information that you’ll find invaluable.

Take care - apocalypse-survival.com

Survival Situations

Successfully existing beyond any survival situations means being prepared ahead of time, not waiting until the catastrophe is actually...

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Burley Bike Trailer

For over 30 years, Burley has lead the bike trailer market by producing the famous Burley bike trailer as well as a variety of child bike trailers. Recently, the company...

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Shortwave Radio

A shortwave radio is a receiver specially designed to pick up frequencies outside the standard AM and FM radio frequencies. These radios work on frequencies from...

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Army Surgical Kit

When hospitals are closed, and as well as the offices of medical doctors, an army surgical kit might be the only answer to remove a bullet or to suture...

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Shelters and Staying Warm: Tents Ponchos Tarps Bags and Blankets

For Shelters and Staying Warm Emergency Essentials carries tents, sleeping bags, ponchos, and every device...

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Solar Ovens

Instead of electricity or gas, solar ovens use the sun's energy to heat, cook and sterilize food. As an integral part of any survivalist's lists of must-have...

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American Preparedness

While preppers in the U.S. participate in American preparedness for any kind of potential disasters ranging from tornadoes to epidemics, European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian survivalists...

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One Year Food Supply: Long Term Storage Food and Food Supplies

When you’re trying to prepare yourself for an emergency, a one year food supply is a great addition to your provisions. Many companies offer freeze...

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About me – how did this all begin?

About me - Hi, I’m nick and I am the owner of www.apocalypse-survival.com. It’s good to see you here...

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SHTF Survival Hunting, Wilderness Survival, Foraging, and Other Survival Skills

You do not want to wait until you are in a SHTF survival situation to try and learn how to set a trap, catch a fish or tan hides...

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Defend and Protect - Protect and Defend Home and Family

Defend and protect might sound like some great motto for a local police department, but for someone facing the possibility of a breakdown in law and order, learning to defend your family...

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Survival Living

Mastering the techniques of survival living means getting "back to the basics" and living the self-sufficient lifestyle once employed by our pioneer ancestors. With the...

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Old-Time Skills - Basic Skills for Survival and Self Sufficiency

Basic old-time skills are more important to you today than ever. Skills that used to be a normal part of daily life become newly important when our everyday conveniences ...

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Survival Sanitation

The importance of implementing survival sanitation practices no matter how difficult an emergency presents itself is clearly self-evident. Thousands of bacterial...

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Survival Medicine

Techniques of survival medicine include everything from stopping a wound from bleeding to performing sutures to close a gaping gash. Lack of traditional medical resources...

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Survival Water

Following a catastrophe that affects fresh water supplies, your supply of survival water is the most fundamental substance you need to prevent...

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Survival Food

Shortages of food can occur due to any kind of disaster. Having access to a survival food supply that is uncontaminated by...

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Survival Retreat

Having a survival retreat provides you with a safety plan in the event of an emergency. It offers you peace of mind, reassurance and may even...

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13 Must Have Survival and Preparedness Apps

With these 13 must have survival and preparedness apps, you will be ready for almost anything. Survivalists have always used books and the Internet, and now apps...

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15 Must Have Skills for Post SHTF Survival

The top 15 must have skills for post SHTF survival can be useful to anyone in times of crisis. More importantly, they are easy to learn and they can keep you...

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