15 Must Have Skills for Post SHTF Survival

The top 15 must have skills for post SHTF survival can be useful to anyone in times of crisis. More importantly, they are easy to learn and they can keep you alive even under dire circumstances. This type of knowledge can help you make vital contributions to your community if there is some type of collapse, whether it is economic, weather related or manmade.

These 15 must have skills for post SHTF survival can also help members of your family and the community.

  1. Storing and Filtering Water: You will need access to clean water for a variety of purposes such as drinking and cooking. Options include storing water in barrels and digging a well.
  2. Growing Food: The ability to cultivate food stop starvation, and keep you healthy during a shortage, which is a possibility in some situations. You can also learn about hydroponics, which involves growing plants without soil.
  3. Providing First Aid: This skill will be vital if a disaster results in injuries and medical care is not immediately available.
  4. Basic Electrical Wiring: Most disasters cause a break in the power supply. It is wise to learn about electrical wiring as well as how to set up solar panels and connecting batteries and an inverter. You can supply all your power needs by using sunlight with the right equipment.
  5. Cooking: This is an important skill, especially at the community level. It may be necessary to prepare food for a large group in a shelter for instance.
  6. Raising Livestock: Food preparation may depend on having a steady supply of animals as a food source. You will need the skill to raise and care for these animals so that they remain healthy.
  7. Hunting: This is another important way to ensure that you, your family and your community have enough food to eat after a disaster. Hunting requires knowledge of camouflage and tracking animals among other skills. Trapping is another way to catch animals for food.
  8. Handling Weapons: In an extreme situation, there may be a total collapse of the rule of law. Skill with weapons may be the only thing that keeps you safe.
  9. Communication Equipment: There is a possibility that normal communication may break down, so two-way radios and ham radios will be in demand. Knowing how to use this equipment and how to fix them will be vital for establishing contact with others.
  10. Barbering: Even in times of crisis, most people don’t want to appear unkempt. Staying well groomed is one way to maintain a sense of normalcy, so barbering skills will play an important role.
  11. Teaching: School may be out indefinitely if things get bad, and parents will want their children to have a relatively normal environment. It may not be school in the traditional sense, but it is still important for kids to learn.
  12. Carpentry: You may need to repair furniture or sections of your home after a disaster. Carpentry skills can also come in handy if you need to build a fence or construct an emergency shelter.
  13. Bartering: In some cases, money may become useless or difficult to get. Trade is the obvious option for ensuring your survival in this environment.
  14. Food Preservation: This is one of the essential 15 must have skills for post SHTF survival. It is easy to learn, and some foods can be stored for years, so you will always have access to healthy foods.
  15. Fishing: For many this is a recreational activity, but it can ensure your survival in times of crisis. Fishing will help to ensure that your family’s nutritional needs are not wanting.

These 15 must have skills for post SHTF survival can help you get through many scary situations. Now is the time to start learning some of them, rather than hurriedly trying to gather information when a disaster strikes.

You will find you don’t have the concentration in any case to read and learn these skills when chaos reigns outside – so food, water and personal defense comes first, and then begin on the others, when spare time becomes available.

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