As its name implies, the Readystore has many products and pertinent information to prepare you for any disaster. The website is user friendly and you will be able to quickly find the particular products that you want or need and you will find their prices reasonable. Unique to this store, they offer weekly, monthly even daily sale prices on various items.

The family owned and operated company does not carry foodstuffs that originate in China and it has their own product line, Saratoga Farms, but carries Mountain House and other brands. You buy quality preserved food from this store and a quick read of the reviews will affirm that.

Reviewers rate their customer service as one of the top in the industry. Email, phone or the online chat all resolve the questions and issues that customers raise. The company gives full refunds or replacement of damaged or defective items free of charge for items returned within 180 days from the shipping date.

Food Storage

The drop down menu for Food Storage tab allows you to find your long-term storage food according to the:

  • Food type, such as meat, vegetables and fruits, etc.
  • Brands, such as Mountain House, Saratoga Farms and Yoders.
  • Product series, such as Readyprep or Classicprep which are a collection of supplies that last from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Supply size that range from value buckets to a single-serving pouch.
  • Preservation method - freeze dried or dehydrated.
  • Storage accessories, that includes buckets but also tools such as a hand crank beater.
  • Specialty foods, such as gluten free, vegetarian and low sodium.

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Military MRE Meals

The Readystore has a wide variety of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), so many in fact MREs have their own tab. You can purchase MREs in individual packets or six-month supply packs and you buy full meals, snacks, drink mixes or entrees. Flameless heaters are available for purchase to warm the meals but some meals include the heat pouch.

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Do It Yourself

If you want to prepare your own food as opposed to buying it already packaged, the Readystore has a DIY tab that will bring you to equipment and heirloom seeds so you can grow your own food and then preserve it. You can find food storage packaging as well as canners and grain mills.

Water Storage

Water is a top priority item for survival, as you will die within days without a water supply. The Readystore offers the means to keep you and your family hydrated with:

  • Chemical water purifiers, both tablets and liquid.
  • Drinking water, canned and pouches.
  • Water filters.
  • Purification systems, with replacement cartridges.
  • Water Storage Containers, from 500-gallon water tanks to 5-gallon containers and various sizes in between.

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Emergency Supplies

The Readystore supplies under this tab make a great checklist for preparing for disaster with selections:

  • Survival kits - These consist of supplies in one kit for multiple people as well as kits for one-person grab and go bags.
  • Sanitation and hygiene - This section offers potty kits, bio gels, potty chemicals and other hygiene products.
  • Warmth and shelter - You will find tents, ponchos, hand warmers and other products to protect you from the elements.
  • First aid and medical - You can buy radiation protection tablets as well as first aid and burn kits under this tab.
  • Lights and communications - The selection has glow sticks, solar powered radios, safety whistles and a variety of light and radio items.
  • Tools and supplies - You will find folding shovels, stainless steel Swiss style pocket-knives and other useful tools.
  • Backpacks - Besides backpacks, you will find hydration packs as well.
  • Cooking and fuel - You can buy fuel tablets, waterproof matches, and more.
  • Emergency Power - The products are as simple as batteries or complex as solar generators.
  • Books and info - This section offers books that teach how to store food and how to cook with food preserved for long term storage.

Product Information

The product pages are full of information that is arranged so you can easily find what is included with the item, features and specifications as well as customer reviews, which often offer valuable preparation hints and suggestions. More importantly, the benefits and description section explains how you would use the product and the advantages of using it.

The Readystore is more than an online store selling products it also is a resource for practical information for preppers. The ReadyBlog, ReadyWeather and ReadyVideo pages contribute to sharing practical survival information to increase the likelihood you can survive and thrive in the event of a disaster.

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