Warmth and Shelter: Sleeping Bags, Tents and Blankets from the ReadyStore

Warmth and shelter is pretty much assured, while being at home or in your survival retreat, but in the event of a bug out situation you might have to take your own shelter and warmth with you.


In a bug out situation where weight and bulk will be an issue, having a tent that compresses into a small lightweight bundle is the answer. Rather than trying to build a shelter out of tree limbs and leaves, you can have a clean, rainproof shelter ready to crawl into for the night.

Sleeping Comfortably

While in yesteryear sleeping bags were bulky, heavy and lumpy, today's sleeping bags are just the opposite. New technology ensures that in the event of a bug out or any situation where you might find yourself sleeping outside, your sleeping bag will be both comfortable and warm.


In many situations there is nothing as useful and comforting as a blanket. In fact, a blanket which holds in body warmth and protects from the elements can mean the difference between surviving or not. The material is so lightweight that many people keep a survival blanket in their vehicles, their purses, fishing tackleboxes, as well as backpacks and fannypacks.

Then again, sometimes all you want or need is the comfort found in a wool blanket.

Warm and Warmer

In those times when you might not be able to crawl into a tent and sleeping bag to stay warm, you can keep your hands warm while trudging through the wilderness. And make sure you have a rain poncho to keep you and your backpack dry. Getting wet is a guaranteed way to catch a chill and get sick.

Before you procrastinate about getting what you need to stay warm, just remember the rule of threes: You can die in three days without water; three weeks without food; but in three hours without shelter.

Warmth and Shelter Solutions from ReadyStore

If you’ve ever been caught outside on a cold day or night without the right winter clothes, you know how quickly you can lose body heat. In most situations, you can just go inside to warm up. However, if disaster strikes, there may not be an “inside” to go to.

Whether you get stranded in your car on an icy night, your home is struck by a storm, you get lost on a hike, or some other emergency occurs, you need to make sure that you’ll be safe and warm until you can find more permanent shelter.

ReadyStore sells everything you’ll need for warmth and shelter. They have tents, sleeping bags, ponchos, fire-starter kits, hand warmers, thermal mattress pads, and more. And these supplies aren’t just good for preparing for a long-term disaster.

Think of what might happen if your car were to break down in the middle of the night in sub-freezing temperatures. If you couldn’t get in touch with someone, and you couldn’t get to shelter, this could be a life-threatening situation.

However, if you were to have a pack of hand warmer pouches to stick in your gloves and an emergency mylar sleeping bag, you could just curl up and keep warm in your backseat until morning, when the sun would warm you enough to seek help.

The sleeping bags, thermal ground pads, and tents for sale from the ReadyStore are all great for camping trips, as well as emergency situations.

The Therm-a-Rest mattress pad, for example, will get your sleeping bag off the ground and give you a cushion of air between you and the rocks and roots underneath you. On a cold night, that insulation from the frozen ground can mean all the difference when it comes to maintaining your body heat. Stay warm and dry with the ReadyStore.

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