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We hope you enjoy the site apocalypse-survival.com it’s a lot of hard work, but we feel it’s worth it to bring you the best information possible in the world of survival. We endeavour to keep our articles short, concise and written in a non-jargon fashion, so anybody can pick up the survival baton and begin to take charge of your own destiny.

This site recommends various products and services and we do not pick them randomly. They are selected because they are fit for purpose and come highly recommended. Sometimes they will be products from amazon or sometimes from the stores direct; they should all give you a safe and happy purchasing experience.

We do receive a small commission when you click on an ad and purchase any item from their store. This helps cover the costs of running the site and paying writers to produce more excellent free articles you find on apocalypse-survival.com.

If you find this site useful, please support us and our affiliate partners when you need to purchase survival products. We always appreciate your support and please enjoy the site, and come back often to see the site grow and feel free to comment too if you’re on Facebook.

Thank you for your use of this site and continued support. We really appreciate it.

Our Disclaimer

While we endeavor to update apocalypse-survival.com regularly and to the highest standard possible, we can give no guarantees that the information is 100% correct/complete and up-to-date.

We offer our articles for general information purposes only, and they do not constitute legal or professional advice in any way. The information if acted upon is entirely at your own risk and apocalypse-survival.com does not accept any responsibility for any loss ( indirect, consequential, & otherwise ) which may come from reliance on information contained on apocalypse-survival.com.

Although we provide links to other websites this is “not necessarily an endorsement, it is simply offering convenience to our users.  We offer no warranty with the information imparted on this site and the content is offered “as is” without any intention of copyright infringement or willful disregard of any laws national or international.

Copyright is in force on this site where mentioned and written permission must be obtained from the owner should you wish to duplicate, use or re-transmit any images or text that fall under copyright control.

Republication, re-transmission reproduction and distribution of material contained within this website are prohibited unless the prior written permission of apocalypse-survival.com has been obtained.

We do allow images to be re-published on Facebook and Pinterest & some forums but please include a link back to our site if you are wishing to do this.

Please enjoy the site. Absorb the information and get your survival plan together.

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