Health and Hygiene: Sanitation, Hygiene, First Aid and Medical Supplies


At the ReadyStore, Health and Hygiene covers a wide variety of items needed to stay clean and healthy in a situation where regular methods of sanitation and medical care may not be available.

Basic Sanitary Practices

One of the best ways to avoid getting sick or spreading disease is through basic sanitation and hygiene practices. This includes proper disposal of human waste and cleanliness. Now, in a situation where you might not have water flowing from the taps or allowing you to flush toilets, you need to follow some protocols that will keep everyone healthy.

Protect Your Lungs

Any number of situations can result in air that contains elements that could cause damage to your lungs and overall health if breathed in. Having a collection of breathing masks designed for different scenarios will go a long way toward staying healthy.

Staying Healthy

Sometimes prevention is part of the cure. The ASAP Silver Solution is both cure and preventative. Some people take a preventative dose, especially in a situation where there might be constant exposure to disease. Others use ASAP Silver Solution to treat illnesses and speed up their recovery.

Another preventative is potassium iodide to be taken when exposure to nuclear radiation threatens.

First Aid

No matter how careful you are about your health and hygiene, sooner or later you're going to need a first aid kit. Whether it's a small, basic kit you keep in your car or bug out bag, or a kit suitable for use by a first responder, ReadyStore has what you need.

Of course, no matter how much stuff you have, if you don't know how to use it, then it might all be useless. So, get familiar with first aid, perhaps even take a course at the local college or hospital on basic first aid. You might even go on to get certified as a first responder and to get your CPR certificate as well.

Remember, without knowledge a first aid kit, no matter how expensive or extensive, may end up being nothing more than a good-looking doorstop.

Maintain Your Health and Hygiene with ReadyStore

Have you ever had the power go out for more than a day or two at your home? In a lot of situations like this, conserving water means foregoing the flush when you go to the bathroom.

If the outage lasts more than a few hours or a day, it can get pretty rank. Worse than the smell, though, there’s a pretty serious health and safety issue with that much human waste left sitting untreated.

Though no one really wants to think about it, if disaster strikes, you’re going to have to deal with some pretty unsavory details of being human, and you’re going to have to figure out how to maintain sanitation and hygiene if you don’t want anyone getting seriously sick. ReadyStore has the products to make this process a lot easier.

You can choose from a range of emergency portable toilets, biohazard bags for getting rid of waste, and chemical pouches for neutralizing bacteria. They also sell respirator masks, in case you have to deal with any hazardous material, or if one of your loved ones is ill, and you have to take care of them without getting sick, yourself.

Hygiene and sanitation isn’t all toilets and chemicals, though. ReadyStore also sells a shower in a bag so that you can stay clean and fresh when the lights go out. The solar heating shower is a 5-gallon polyethylene bag that you just fill with water and hang up in the sun.

The water then gets heated to just under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and you use the attached hose and showerhead to get clean. Continuous water flow lasts for about four minutes, so it’s not like showering at the Ritz Carlton, but it’ll sure feel like it when you really need to get clean.

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