Readystore Food Storage Includes Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods

The variety of foods available with Readystore Food storage packs encompasses breakfast, lunch and dinners, as well as desserts. Whether you want freeze dried, dehydrated or MREs, you'll find a wide selection of entrees and snacks to satisfy even the most discriminating palate.

Freeze-Dried Foods

Both Mountain House and Saratoga Farms feature delicious meals in #10 cans with a 25-year shelf life.

Freeze-dried Food Pouches

Additionally, Mountain House packages have many of their meals in one and two-serving pouches, while Saratoga Farms offers four-service pouches.

Meat & Eggs

The ReadyStore meat and eggs packs includes meat entrees, breakfasts, snacks and cooking basics, all available in either #10 cans, small cans or pouches. For those with special dietary needs, you will require the gluten-free, lactose-free, pork-free, tree-nut free, soy free and shellfish free options. Brands include not just Mountain House and Saratoga Farms, but Yoders and OvaEasy.

Beans & Legumes

Of course, the standard long-term storage food is your basic dried beans and rice. If you prefer more than pinto beans, the ReadyStore provides a variety of beans and legumes in both #10 cans and in large 5-gallon resealable buckets.

Fruits and Vegetables

Whether freeze-dried or simply dehydrated the fruits and vegetables available at the Readystore are just plain yummy. Not only that, but at these prices, you might actually find it more cost effective to purchase long-term storage fruits and vegetables rather than buying the inflated prices at the grocery, and if you're like some, throwing away food when it spoils before you can eat it.


Aside from basic ingredients for making delicious cakes and pies, the ReadyStore carries a variety of tasty and fun, memorable and comforting desserts.

Long-Term for the Long Term

One of the main purposes of long-term storage food is to survive those long-term disasters where food production and transport may be gravely impacted. Without regular deliveries, in some cases daily deliveries, to your local grocery store or supermarket, store shelves will be empty in less than 24 hours. And, if you live in New York City, the store shelves would empty in 30 minutes!

So here are some great food-for-a-year packages from the ReadyStore food storage range.

In addition to the items explored above, the ReadyStore also sells emergency food bars, MREs, long-term-storage heirloom seeds and survival vitamins. It’s well worth checking out their other offerings, as everyone’s tastes are different  -plus the Readystore is one of the most trusted stores online.

ReadyStore Food Storage will Keep You Stocked

ReadyStore was founded by an American family who had experienced some hard times and had seen other American families going through the same. Their mission is to bring their customers the peace of mind that comes with preparedness.

Whether you’re preparing for a power or water outage that lasts a few days or a more severe problem that could last weeks, months, or even years, ReadyStore is here for you with all of the food storage and supplies you need.

ReadyStore food storage options include a ReadyQuick™ List that you can go through to check off all the essential food items you’ll need.

The list includes long-term and short-term food storage kits for your convenience, or you can piece your meals together by category, including beans and legumes, cooking basics, fruits, vegetables, grains and flour, dairy, meats and eggs, meat substitutes, drink mixes, and more.

Depending on your tastes and needs, you can find non-perishable foods that have either been freeze dried or dehydrated. In either case, you can rehydrate the foods and eat them as if they were fresh with just a little bit of preparation. This can save you a lot of anguish if you lose access to fresh food supplies, even for just a few days.

If you have special dietary needs, or you just have some favorite foods that you want to make sure you have if the world ends or your power goes off for a few days, you can find specialty food items, as well, but ReadyStore’s food storage doesn’t just end at food.

They have storage solutions, as well, including shelves, containers in different sizes and shapes for your convenience, and food processors so that you can prepare and store some of your own foods for the long haul if you need to.

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