Military MRE Meals: Meals Ready to Eat in Long Term Food Storage

The Military MRE Meals at the ReadyStore covers everything from case lots, individual entrees, desserts, breakfasts, snacks and drinks, as well as flameless heaters.

MRE Breakfasts

Most of us like to start our day with a meal that breaks the overnight fast and gives us the energy we need to make it through until lunch. The ReadyStore MREs include French Toast, Cinnamon Buns and a variety of fruit-filled turnovers.

MRE Entrees

For lunch and supper, the ReadyStore MRE meals offer entrees that will provide both taste and nutrition. Get your BBQ, pasta and stews, as well as sides such as corn and stuffing.

MRE Snacks & Beverages

For a bit of a treat, a pick-me-up and to quench your thirst, the ReadyStore offers a variety of snacks and drink mixes. Treats and snacks are a must as they improve morale and lift your spirits.

Military MRE Meals in Long-Term Supplies

Now, when you are planning your long-term food supplies, don't forget to stock up on some MREs. The ReadyStore makes this easy by having combo packages that provide all you need for different periods of time, such as a one-week to three-month supply, plus a six-months to a one-year supply of meals ready to eat. Buying in bulk can often prove to be cheaper too.

MRE meals are just another option for long-term food storage, giving you a variety of ways to provide calories and nutrition in a survival situation. Another benefit of MREs is that they are both compact and lightweight, making them a great option for your bug out bag. By including the flameless heaters you can be assured of a warm meal at the end of a long day's hike or bug out.

Most preppers & survivalists will have MREs to some degree in their packed bags or storage pantry – the reason? They’re just too versatile not to have them.

Stay Nourished with Military MRE Meals from ReadyStore

The military has kept its men and women fed for decades upon decades with meals ready to eat (MREs). These vacuum-sealed foods may not stack up against a five-star restaurant, but if your goal is survival, they’ll more than do the trick.

Preparing for disaster means making sure that you and your family have the essentials covered, and ReadyStore has the essentials you need when it comes to food, water, and how to store and prepare them.

Military MREs are the easiest means to ensure that you don’t go hungry in a disaster situation, whether it lasts a few hours, a few days, or a few years. These foods are sealed away from oxidants and contaminants. They won’t rot or go bad. You can keep them in a bunker or a pantry for years without worry that you’ll have a problem when you open them.

ReadyStore sells these MREs in a variety of ways. You can choose between bulk cases, full meals, entrées, snacks, and individual foods. Keep your energy up with trail mix, nuts, crackers, and dehydrated fruit. For meals, many options require nothing more than a little bit of heat and some water.

You can prepare for any eventuality in which you don’t have a heat source by purchasing flameless heater pouches. These will get you through tough times in the beginning of a disaster, as you figure out how long you may be without the amenities and conveniences of modern life. They’re also good for family camping trips.

As far as bulk military MREs go, you can buy cases of 12, 24, or 72 full meals, or you can purchase cases by how long you anticipate needing to survive on MREs. You can purchase them with enough supplies for weeks, months, or even a year.

This is a great option if you’re concerned about a disaster that could contaminate the food supply in your area. It’s also a great way to prepare for a more mundane disaster: unemployment. If you were to lose your means of making income, could you still feed yourself and your family? If you had three months or a year’s worth of food, you definitely could.

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