Water Storage, Water Filters and Water Purification by the Ready Store

The ReadyStore water storage options include water filters and water purifiers, as well as water containers and water accessories. Let us show you examples of each, to see how easy it is to continue to get clean drinking water no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Water Filters

The ReadyStore primarily carries two brands of water filters: Berkey and Katadyn. Both of these are considered top-of-the-line, with the Katadyn models being the smaller, lightweight filters more suitable for hiking, camping or bug outs. The Berkey models on the other hand are more substantial, being tabletop stacked water filters more suitable for home or retreat use.

Water Purification

The Berkey line of water purifiers are also filters, at least of water that is not full of sediment and other debris. In fact, all filters and purifiers will last longer if dirty water, such as from ponds, lakes and ditches, etc., is pre-filtered before being run through a filtering or purifying device.

An easy way to pre-filter "dirty" water is to just pour it through a clean, white t-shirt. That will catch much of the larger grains of dirt, sand, leaves and even twigs. You can then run the pre-filtered water through your Berkey purifier without coating the filter in a lot of gunk.

Water Storage Containers

The ReadyStore carries some great options to store water for emergencies. Some of these are especially ideal for those who live in apartments, as the containers are relatively small and stackable, and can be used to build coffee tables, end tables and bed side stands.

Called "water bricks" they can even be used to store dry food items or valuable papers and documents, and with a carry handle are easy in case of a grab-and-go event.

Of course, these are just a few of the options for storing water in case of an emergency or disaster. Remember that one needs at least 1/2 gallon of drinking water per day, and without water death will only take about three days. Don't let your family suffer, start storing water now.

ReadyStore Water Storage Solutions

In case of an emergency, whether it’s long- or short-term, water should be your first concern. You simply cannot survive without it. You can go weeks without food if you must, but you can’t even go days without water.

Unfortunately, if the lights go out, oftentimes, the water stops running, too. You can plan for the short-term by storing jugs of water, but this will only last so long. And water jugs take up a rather large amount of storage space. What can you do?

Collecting rainwater in barrels outside is a good way to make sure that you have some water around when you need it. However, you can’t just stop there. You’ll need a filtration and purification system. Fortunately, ReadyStore offers you your choice of all of the above. You can buy water barrels, bricks, and tanks as small as 5 gallons or as large as 500 gallons.

You can then make sure that the water you collect in those reservoirs is potable by purchasing one of the many purification and/or filtration systems that Readystore has for sale. For purification, you can choose between tablets, UV purifiers, and drops, all of which will kill any parasites, bacteria, or other microorganisms in your water.

Many people prefer to run their purified water through a filtration system, as they say that it makes the water taste better and further ensures that no one will get sick after drinking it.

The filters at the ReadyStore range from smaller pitchers and tanks to pumps that can be used for larger amounts of water.

Remember, water is essential to life. If you don’t have a good plan for water storage, you could be in a dire situation within a matter of a day or two. Even if you don’t expect to have to use it, prepare yourself with access to potable water, just in case.

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