Do It Yourself Kitchen: Using Manual Kitchen Tools from the ReadyStore

Having a Do It Yourself Kitchen is just one of the aspects of being prepared for any eventuality. Not only can you save money by canning and dehydrating your own food, but in the event of a long-term survival situation, you'll have the tools you need to continue feeding your family.

Food Processing

The ReadyStore offers numerous items to help you process your own food. Ranging from canners and dehydrators, to apple peelers and cherry pitters you'll surely find what you need.

Grinding Your Own Flour

One of the best ways to ensure a supply of quality flour for baking and bread is to stock up on wheat berries and other grains then when ready to bake, simply grind your own flour. Of course, to do that you are going to need a grain mill. The ReadyStore carries some of the best.

Other Do It Yourself Kitchen Gadgets

No DIY kitchen would be complete without some basic non-electric items, such as a hand beater and can opener. Not only that, but one tool you definitely need if you have five-gallon buckets or 55-gallon barrels with bungs is the bung wrench.

These are just a few of those items you should consider for a do-it-yourself kitchen. We only show a limited selection here – but at the ReadyStore you’ll find plenty of ideas to get your survival kitchen up and running in no time.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Items from the ReadyStore will Help You Feed Your Family.

If you’re like most people living in the modern world, you’ve grown accustomed to a lot of really great amenities and conveniences. You have a refrigerator that keeps your perishables cool and fresh. You have a food processor and blender to make smoothies and sauces.

If you want a loaf of bread, you just run out to the store and get it. However, if disaster strikes, you won’t have a lot of these amenities, at least not for a while. That’s where the ReadyStore comes in.

If you aren’t a big fan of industrial processed foods, you can get into canning and preserving your own foods with a canning kit. Use a hand-cranked blender for drinks and sauces. If you need bread, you can mill your own grain with a hand-cranked mill.

The ReadyStore even offers a hand-operated cherry stoner, so you can make cherry preserves or jam if you want something delicious to spread on that homemade bread. They also offer a hand-cranked beater for baking and even an apple peeler.

If you’re prepared, you can do almost anything in your kitchen without electricity or modern appliances. Our forefathers and mothers didn’t have blenders with fifty settings. Nor did they have refrigerators or microwaves. You can survive in style without them, too, if you just have the right supplies.

You can even save on your electricity and gas bills by using some of ReadyStore’s DIY kitchen supplies instead of buying processed foods or using electric appliances. This is a good way to make healthier, organic food at home, too.

If you pair these products and supplies with foods you can grow from ReadyStore’s heirloom seeds, you’ll be dining in true (prepared) fashion. Your food will be healthy, wholesome, and preparing it will help you prepare for the worst, if and when that happens.

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