Shelters and Staying Warm:
Tents Ponchos Tarps Bags and Blankets

For ideas on shelters and staying warm Emergency Essentials carries tents, sleeping bags, ponchos, and everything you might need to survive the elements. Afterall, the fastest way to die is lack of shelter when the weather turns deadly.


Yesterday's heavy canvas tents have been replaced by tents made of lightweight, compressible material in designs that allow them to go up in a matter of minutes, and easily be carried in a backpack or bug out bag.

Ponchos and Tarps

While tents are wonderful, you may want to consider the versatility of tarps. Not only can they be used to create shelters, but when used under a tent as a ground clothe they help you stay warmer in the tent. For those times when you might not have either a tent or tarp, carrying a poncho in your back pack, BOB or fanny pack might be enough to keep you protected from the elements.

Bags and Blankets

Whether you are out in the woods or at home after the power has gone out and a blizzard is raging outside, sleeping bags and/or blankets will help keep you warm.

Of course, having the ability to build a fire if you're in the great outdoors or having a handy propane heater for home if the power goes out is the best way of staying warm...or less frozen. Use a tarp or even an emergency space blanket to build a lean-to, then build a fire at the edge of the open side which will reflect heat back into the shelter is just another way of surviving inclement weather.

A few items to keep handy are waterproof matches, fire starters, even toe warmers to slip down into your boots.

...More Emergency Warmth Must Haves

Emergency Essentials has Solutions for Shelters and Staying Warm

Unfortunately, if disaster strikes, you can’t be guaranteed that your home will stay intact or that you’ll even be at home when it happens. Shelters and staying warm can be one of the first problems to arise. Emergency Essentials has the gear that you need to stay warm and dry in the worst circumstances.

One of the most essential elements to staying warm and improving your odds of survival is to make sure that you can stay dry. If you’ve ever been caught out in a rainstorm without an umbrella or raincoat, you know how quickly your body can lose heat, even in summer.

At the very least, you should have an emergency poncho on you at all times.

Keeping a SOL 2-Person emergency bivvy can help you out if you get stranded in your car on a cold night. You can’t leave the engine running forever, as you’ll waste fuel, and you could be putting yourself in danger. Instead, you and your passenger can climb into this polyethylene bivvy.

It’s 90% heat reflective, which means that it reflects your body heat back to you, keeping you warm and putting the odds of survival in your favor.

Emergency Essentials sells everything you could want for both shelter and staying warm. They offer fire starters for camping or emergencies, space blankets, space heaters, wool blankets, tents, tarpaulins, and sleeping bags.

This gear can be used for planned camping trips, training drills, or in short-term or long-term emergency situations.

You may never have to use your bivvy or a fire-starter kit, but wouldn’t you rather have them available, just in case? The odds of being stranded or getting caught in an emergency are fairly low, but if something does happen, you need to make sure that you and your family are safe, warm, and dry.

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