Bugout Bag Equipment List Should Include Large and Small Hand and Power Tools

Survival tools should make up the major part of your bugout bag equipment list and they will fall into two categories: the larger tools that you will need to take out to your base camp ahead of time and the smaller tools that you will need on your journey and day trips.

Big Equipment

Your big bugout bag equipment list should give you all the tools that you'll need for long term survival that stretches into weeks and months. The initial outlay will be quite high, but you won't regret it when the time comes. Some ideas include:

  • Chainsaw - the chances are that you'll have chosen a base camp near some trees to give you a plentiful source of firewood. A chainsaw will allow you to take down trees quickly, clearing space for living and livestock as well as making the chore of chopping up wood into usable pieces much easier. You will need to put aside a good supply of gas and engine oil to keep the chainsaw in good working condition.
  • Shovel - you'll have plenty of uses for a shovel which makes it essential on your bugout bag equipment list. The main initial use will be digging latrines and holes for underground food storage, but when winter comes, it will come into its own to help you make paths and clear snow from traps. Be sure to buy a couple of spare blades just in case, as well as a whetting stone to keep the edges sharp. 
  • Sledgehammer - a sledgehammer, or indeed any large hammer, will prove invaluable when you start to make your permanent shelter. You'll use them to drive foundation timbers into the ground and sink fence posts to mark out your territory. Ideally, you should buy one with a rubber end so that you don't have to worry about maintenance of a metal head.

You will also need to find a safe location to store these items that is out of the way of the weather. It can be a good idea to have them stored in your bug out vehicle, but they will take up precious room and weight.

Small Equipment for a Bugout Bag Equipment List

The bugout bag tools list for small tools is almost endless and what you end up taking will depend entirely on your own skills and expertise. However, some of the more common equipment choices include:

  • Multi-tool - a foldable multi-tool will give you smaller versions of a saw, a knife and a variety of other blades. These can be useful for clearing a path, gutting and cleaning small game and making small firewood. There is a balance to be found between a multi-tool that is small enough to fit in your pack and one that is large enough to be useful, so do some research and testing before spending your money.
  • Hunting knife - these are typically 12" or longer blades and will help you carve up larger animals as well as taking down small trees quickly to create space for a base camp. Make sure you know your knife maintenance and carry an oilcloth with you to keep it clean and sharp. 
  • Duct tape - to be honest, you should never be without duct tape in normal life. It will do anything from fixing your bug out bags to securing your base camp possessions against the weather. Take a couple of rolls to get you started. 

Given the size of some of the items on the bugout bag equipment list, you will want to discuss how to distribute them with the other members of your survival team. You also will need to make sure that you don't have all the spare parts with a different person in case you get lost or separated from them. 

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