Four Wheel Bike


The four wheel bike is by far one of the most efficient, functional modes of transportation on today’s market. Aside from the fact it is good for the environment, it is also a reliable vehicle to have for everyday use or in case of an emergency.

You can choose from a variety of models, all with many benefits, each of which greatly outweigh the minimal downsides so whether you want alternative transportation or like to prepare for the worst, read on to learn all about this class of bikes.

Survival 101

Modern technology offers many benefits, most of which are taken for granted, thus enabling you to forget the basics and forcing the human race to evolve so that their natural instincts no longer help them survive. Just imagine if the Apocalypse actually happened and you needed to rely solely on your skill set and the land, how would you do it? Can you build a hut, grow food, dig for oil or build a car?

You probably could learn to do most of these-eventually-but in the meantime, you need to be able to travel safely, quickly and carry supplies, which you can do by car, at least until you run out of gas. To avoid this problem, do not rely on a gas or electric powered vehicle; instead, buy a four wheel bike ahead of time so that you do not have to worry about transportation when the time comes to get out of Dodge.

Four-Wheel Bicycle Design

You can think of the four wheel bike as a prototype for the original Ford cars, minus the motor, plus pedals, and in keeping with a classic, original look, it is finished off with whitewall tires. At a length of 92 inches, you have plenty of room to stretch out your legs and still add a trunk, or at least a two foot by two foot closed cargo bin that serves to hold all your daily market purchases, trades or supplies.


Made in the good ol’ U.S. of A., these bikes come complete with single disc brakes, strong welded frames, handlebar steering, seven speeds, padded seats and a parking brake for extra safety. If that is not good enough to get your mojo running, then how about a starting retail price of under $2000, not to mention the money you are going to save on gas, insurance and maintenance, most of which you could easily learn to do yourself, so long as you buy the parts.

Rhoades Car Options

As with any mode of transportation, you do have options as to comfort, convenience and space. You can opt for a single, double or four person bike, the latter of which you can use not just for people but also for pets or if you need the extra room to fit a lot of supplies.

A digital speedometer, 42 speeds, custom paint job, a spare tire with rim, dual brakes, fenders, rear view mirrors and a canopy are some of the other cool, and quite affordable, upgrades you may choose to add to your four wheel bike.

The movement to go green is upon you and what better way to join it than to get a human powered four wheel bike, which also doubles as the only reliable means of transportation should D-Day happen to occur in your life time.

This vehicle can easily fit in your garage, driveway or in a standard parking spot, though you should get a heavy chain and lock to prevent theft, especially if the Apocalypse does happen, as everyone who did not prepare is going to want your wheels.

If you are planning for the end of days, also opt for the various upgrades that make riding over rough terrain easy so you can move fast and save time. See you on the other side.

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