Bug Out Trailer Supplies List
A Useful Bug Out Planning Tool

A bug out trailer supplies list is a useful planning tool that can help you prepare for the worst case scenario, provided you actually purchase the items on your list. This is a good way to create an organized survival plan, as you can add items as they come to mind, remove luxuries or unnecessary extras and gradually cross off the things you purchase.

Should things get bad before you had enough time to collect all your gear, at least you have the list so you know exactly what you need to obtain or somehow create.


If you want to prepare a trailer for the end of the world, you definitely need to do a few things to this tin can on wheels, as it is lightweight, easily penetrable and not well insulated. This said, you need to add a few pounds by strengthening your trailer, which you can do by reinforcing the frame with solid sheets of metal, preferably bullet proof.

The weight added by doing this may, depending on the type of trailer you own, be too much for the standard tires to handle and could pull the unit closer to the ground, which is fine if you are already in a secured area. To remedy this problem, you need to put on thicker, stronger tires, maybe those designed for off-roading, and install a suspension system.

On the top of your bug out trailer supplies list should be a small solar power panel, which you can mount to the side of your trailer or on the roof. You can use removable brackets, which is ideal in the summer, as you do not want it to get too hot inside, especially since you are adding insulation. The panels are still functional and you can use them to power other things, like a small hot water tank or power tools.

Blend In

At the time of the apocalypse, traveling is most likely to be a must instead of an option and the safest place is probably going to be a remote area, like the woods or a desert. In either instance, you definitely need to blend into your surroundings, which may be easier to do in a forest, since you can simply cover the trailer with large camouflage nets or you can use mud and stick fallen leaves and twigs on the outside.

If you are in a desert, water, and therefore mud, are not so easy to come by so unless you pre-paint a huge tarp or the side of the trailer in a sandy, desert hue, blending in could be an issue.


The next thing to do on your bug out trailer supplies list should be to stock up the inside of your trailer with a ton of survival gear. A great way to start this project is to remove anything in the trailer that is not useful and maximize your space by utilizing the walls.

On one wall, you can put up a pegboard and use it to hang a variety of items, like tools, lanterns, walkie-talkies, flares and first aid equipment. If converting a travel trailer, you might even choose to rip out the seats and beds so you can stock firewood, crates of dried goods and water bottles.

This option requires you to add sleeping bags and maybe a mattress foam pad to your bug out trailer supplies list, as the hard wood floor would be your bed but when looking to maximize space, these items fold up much smaller and take up less room than furniture.

Quick Bug Out Trailer Supplies List

  • Food
  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Fire Starting
  • Cooking/Kitchen Gear
  • Tent(s) or Shelter-building
  • Sturdy clothes
  • Water bags, filters and purifiers
  • A few books from your survival library
  • First aid supplies
  • Seeds
  • Tools
  • Prescription medicines

In creating your bug out trailer supplies list, you really have to take into account so many things, like weather, the number of people sharing your dwelling, each person’s skills and, most importantly, you need to be realistic. You can scour the Internet for list ideas and items but ultimately, it comes down to the basic things you need and know how to use in order for you to survive. So, make a list, heck make ten or a hundred, but in the end, choose only the items that give you the best odds of survival.

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