Bob Bike Trailer

A Bob bike trailer is a small trailer ideal for pulling by a bicycle and is big enough to hold items needed for outdoor-type adventures. Originally, the company was called "Beast of Burden", but the owners of the company decided to shorten it and use the acronym "BOB" to exemplify their bike trailer company.

What sets BOB apart from other trailer manufacturers is the uniqueness of the attachment that connects the trailer to a bicycle. A patented quick release mechanism referred to as the Bob QR attachment, this device takes advantage of a bicycle's rear axle, which is actually a great place to hitch a lightweight, sturdy trailer like the Bob bike trailer.

The Bob QR attachment facilitates towing ability by maximizing aerodynamics and provides the user with an extremely low gravity center that reduces the chance for tipping over while riding on rough terrain.


The first bike trailer that BOB sold was the Yak trailer. Able to tote up to 70 pounds, the Yak attaches to a bike's rear wheel with the help of the BOB Nutz system or the BOB Quick Release attachment device. Other features of the Yak include:

  • Ability of the trailer to track the bicycle's rear wheel which makes it easier for the bike rider to navigate narrow or obstructed paths
  • Compatible with bicycles that have full suspension and solid axle hubs
  • Made with durable, lightweight 4130 chromoly steel tubing
  • Aluminum rim with 28 hole
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • 16 by 1.75 inch tires
  • Cargo area consisting of a 25 inch by 16 inch by 18 inch space
  • Weighs only 13 and a half pounds
  • Open design of the frame permits carrying different kinds of cargo
  • Two piece safety flag, reflectors and fender

Ibex Bob Bike Trailer

The Ibex offers the toughness of a three-inch suspension travel that is rugged and dependable, taking you and your cargo over riverbeds, dirt paths and other kinds of rough terrain. With its capacity to carry 70 pounds of gear, you won't have to leave anything behind when you take a trip with the Ibex.

Specifications for the Ibex are:

  • 4130 chromoly frame
  • Aluminum hub contains cartridge bearings and the Quick Release device
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Sixteen inch by 2.125 inch tires
  • Cargo area providing a 25 inch by 16 inch by 18 inch space
  • Weighs 17 pounds

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Accessories for the Bob Bike Trailer

Several accessories are available from BOB to enhance your use of one of their bike trailers. The BOB Nutz attaches trailers to bicycles with solid axles while the BOB QR is an adjustable attachment designed to connect Bob trailers to most all quick release bicycles.

To protect cargo from dampness, BOB offers the Dry Sak, a waterproof cover that fastens onto the frame of the trailer. Having extra BOB pins to secure your bicycle to the trailer fork in addition to inserting the BOB Tool Rax into the trailer to hold tools is recommended if you plan on using this bike trailer as a type of bug out vehicle.

BOB Cargo Trailer Accessories: Lights, Kickstands, Locks & More

Advantages to Using a Bicycle/Bike Trailer for Bugout Purposes

  • Bicycling provides exercise and will help you stay in shape following a disaster
  • Riding a bicycle is more affordable than using a motorized vehicle
  • Bicycles do not have to heed traffic jams or blocked roadways
  • Unexpected route variations can be easily accommodated when riding a bike
  • Bikes can be quickly hidden if necessary
  • Energy efficient since a bike does not need gasoline, electricity or other energy resource besides two human legs

With the ability of a Bob bike trailer to carry 70 pounds of survival equipment, living through a large-scale catastrophe by packing the trailer with the appropriate survival gear and using a mountain bike as your bug out vehicle may give you the advantage you need in a world without electricity, resources or civil stability.

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