Bugging Out with Chickens


Bugging out with chickens or other animals is a real possibility depending on the reasons why you need to leave home quickly in a disaster. Birds and other small animals are great for starting over and ensuring a supply of protein during times when normal food supplies are cut short. To successfully manage animals in this way calls for lots of prior planning which includes:

  • Making or buying cages in which to carry your roosters and other poultry
  • Determining how you will be carrying the cages or coops, such as placing them on wheels 
  • Prepare a location away from your home is possible where you already have things in place to hide out if your home or community is uninhabitable

You will also need to have a supply of animal feed as part of your bug out supplies. Of course, this type of feed has to be short term as it would take up too much space in your bugout bag. Depending on your level of planning a bugout vehicle is a worthwhile consideration. A vehicle makes it a lot easier to carry a cage with a few chickens, a rooster and even a rabbit or two. 

Some survivalists also have a trailer that they can use to help carry their small store of animals such as goats, sheep and rabbits. Of course, a vehicle comes with its own needs such as having a supply of extra fuel, but it offers a lot of benefits, like better protection from wild animals and the ability to take a lot more stuff necessary for your survival.

Whether you plan on carrying a cage in your hands, pulling on a carriage with wheels or using a vehicle, some important considerations when choosing your animals are:

  • Animals that do not require a lot of feeding are better choices
  • Minimal maintenance is important since you will probably have other things to worry about
  • Choose those that can forage for food, whether wild seeds or grass

Reasons to Consider Bugging Out With Animals and Poultry

Bugging out with chickens and small animals has some major benefits. These include a constant supply of fresh eggs, meat for protein and possibly milk if a few goats are among your stock.  Other reasons why these animals are useful when thinking of long term survival include:

  • If you have to establish yourself elsewhere and have to plant a garden, they can help with pest control. Many bugs and insects are food to birds and this also means that you can feed them less
  • Their poo provides excellent fertilizer for vegetable gardens
  • They will provide food for more than one person

Traveling With Your Animals

Small animals are ideal as they will be easy to carry since they do not require much space. If bugging out with chickens, you need to make plans way in advance of any disaster. Apart from birds and poultry, other animals that are worth considering are: 

  • A pair of meat rabbits
  • A pair of goats, for both dairy and meat

Best Breeds of Chicken and Other Animals

When it comes to bugging out with chickens or other types of animals some breeds are more suitable than others. Factors to keep in mind when selecting these animals are:

  • The climate in which you live as some animals will not strive in hot areas, while others are more suited for cold climates
  • Can the animal forage for food, thereby reducing the need to stock feed
  • The need for water since this may be in short supply
  • Camouflage ability or animals that fit in with their environment. If you are out in the wild, some small livestock can easily become prey to other animals

Finding information on the best breeds for different conditions means searching online, talking to local farmers or visiting a farm supply store. If you are already farming or rearing livestock, you would already have animals that do well in your location. If you own animals and poultry, if possible, select those you plan on taking with you in an emergency situation. 

Some disasters can cause you to be away from your home for a long time. War, economic ruin or even a nuclear holocaust can mean a long period of severe food shortage. Having your own source of food can help to keep you and your loved ones alive. Bugging out with chickens and other animals is important for long term food security.

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