Yakima Bike Trailer

For carrying bikes safely behind a truck or car, a Yakima bike trailer provides a lightweight trailer to hold any bicycles you may want to take with you on a camping trip or outdoors vacation. As an accessory to a bug out vehicle , a bike trailer allows you to always have another mode of transportation readily available if something happens to your bug out vehicle.

Bicycles also make great BOVs because they require no fuel, can go places that cars and trucks cannot and are easily maintained with periodic chain lubing and tire changes when necessary. In addition, you can load up a bicycle with a backpack full of survival necessities in case you need to make a quick and quiet exit from a dangerous situation.

Yakima Bike Trailer—Rack and Roll 66

This high-performance, 66 inch wide bike trailer system features adjustable crossbars that can go from four inches to 48 inches in seconds and the power to tow 250 pounds of cargo. Other features include:

  • Carrying handle transforms the bike rack into a handcart
  • Cushioning for delicate gear provided by rugged shock absorbers
  • Theft prevention implemented with locking levers
  • Storage is quick and easy—tongue and wheels can be removed in a few seconds.
  • Trailer can be hung on a wall or other sturdy item or stored upright for storage purposes
  • Uses a two inch ball and the Rack and Roll 66 is attachable to Class I, II and III hitches
  • Comes with standard four-light, flat connector to car or truck
  • Weighs 150 pounds when empty

Custom cast wheels are made from polished aluminum, with tongue and wheel pins constructed of stainless steel. All other primary components contain anodized aluminum 6063. Additionally, this Yakima bike trailer can be extended to 14 feet in length when you add the tongue extension kit.

Yakima Rack and Roll 78 Trailer

Twelve inches wider than the Rack and Roll 66, the 78-inch Yakima trailer offers many of the features found on the Rack And Roll 66, in addition to a towing capability of 250 pounds (350 pounds with optional shocks). The trailer also uses a standard electrical connection consisting of a flat-four kind of black rubber connection. This flat-four needs three connections for turning, running and stopping as well as one male pin, which represents the exposed ground connection.

The 66 and 78 Yakima trailers are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Act. In addition, they are certified by the Department of Transportation for interstate speeds and provide exceptional stability when driving in rough or bumpy conditions. Because registration may be required in your state, Yakima provides customers with a VIN number and a manufacturing certificate.

Yakima Bike Trailer Accessories

Heavy-duty shocks—shocks are necessary to cushion your load and prevent damage to cargo. Installing heavy duty shocks on a 78 inch trailer will allow you to safely carry up to 350 pounds.

Kickstand—when the bike trailer is not hitched to your vehicle, a kickstand prevents the trailer from tipping and possibly damaging valuable cargo.

Tongue extension kit—a tongue extension kit designed for the Yakima Rack and Roll bike trailer will add three feet of any trailer tongue.

A Note about Bike Care

If you plan to keep a bug out vehicle fully prepared with the addition of a bike trailer and bike, remember to pack a survival kit for your bicycle. Items include:

  • Spare tire/tube
  • Bicycle pump
  • Tire patch kit
  • Wrenches, screwdrivers and chain tool
  • Oil

A Yakima bike trailer provides durability and dependability when you need a trailer to carry a bicycle and safeguard it from damage. During a survival situation, you never know when you might need a good, old-fashioned bicycle to “GTHOOD”.

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