Bug Out Bicycle:
The Bike is a Bug Out Vehicle for All Times and All Terrains

When in a critical situation, it is never safe to be on foot, and a bug out bicycle is the best alternative when in such situations. In a post-apocalypse, electricity and technology could very well be down, meaning no power to pump gas. If the event follows an EMP, it’s even possible that most vehicles won’t run, either.

Being on foot can mean exposing yourself to predators and human attacks.

The BOB over other BOVs

bug out bicycle

Any vehicle can be used for bugging out. The bug out bicycle is only one option but tops the list because of the advantages it offers for the survivor.

  • Non-electricity dependent. A bike can run by simply pushing the pedals. A bike does not run on batteries which gives it the advantage over 4x4 vehicles that most preppers count on. A bike may cover lesser distances than a truck, but it can run without an electric motor.
  • Non-fuel dependent. Bikes can run for long distances without consuming a drop of fuel. In a post-apocalyptic situation, the world’s fuel supply will become scarce. Basic resources to make biological fuel may also become scarce. Relying on other BOVs that requires fuel may not be the best idea.
  • Lightweight vehicle that can be carried. A bicycle can be carried over short distances and thats made possible because it is lightweight. This is even more possible when the bike frame is made from aluminum or titanium. When in areas that prevents a bike to pass, it can be easily carried and kept rather than leaving it and leaving the survivor on foot.
  • Maintains easily with simple tools. It only requires a few tools on hand in order to keep a bike in good working condition. A truck or other BOVs would require not only a set of tools but the skills as well.
  • Makes a good carriage. In an emergency or survival situation, a lone backpack won’t be enough to keep all the necessary gear to help a survivor last a week let alone a month. A bug out bicycle can be customized in order for grab bags to be mounted atop it where survival gear and other necessary items such as food can be stored. A trailer can also be attached to a bike giving the survivor more room to haul equipment and food.

Equipment for a Bug Out Bike

What makes a BOB different from any other bike? A bug out bike is specially designed to help an individual survive different terrains and situations. It is customized to fit several bags and tools that can help an individual survive for a long period of time. A good bug out bike would have the following features:

  • Locks for security. There will be other survivors who are looking for BOVs. Installing a lock such as a Heavy Axa lock is a good investment that decreases the incidence of theft.
  • Attachable saddle bag. A saddle bag would be a great add-on to a bug out bicycle because it gives room for storage. The saddle bag is an ideal place to store tools needed to maintain the bug out bike.
  • Attachable side bags. Gives additional storage for keeping food, toiletries, and medical supplies.
  • Attachable steering bag. Serves as additional storage for keeping emergency essentials such as a flashlight and spare inner tube.
  • Spare spokes. Spare spokes should be carried around at all times and should fit both front and rear wheels.
  • Pocket or portable water filter. A portable water filter that ensures clean water from unknown and doubtful sources must be kept with you at all times.
  • Front and rear spare lamps. Spare lights are always good to have on a bug out bike. It offers a source of light when driving at night or in tunnels.
  • Identification with added medical information. In case of an emergency, identification should always be on the bike and/or the survivor. The identification should also state any medical conditions that need special attention should a stranger pick it up.
  • Battery pack for lamps. Extra battery packs should be found on any bug out bike. This lights the front and rear lamps on the bike.
  • Trailer, preferably detachable. An attachable trailer provides extra storage especially when bugging out over a long period with an indefinite destination or accommodation.
  • Solar panels or USB charger. This will keep the battery fueled to work and feed energy needed to light the lamps on the bike.

Bug Out Bicycle and Disaster Preparedness

Investing in a good, sturdy bike is not a waste of money but an investment for the future. It is always safe to be prepared for an apocalypse and that starts now. If money is the issue, there are good bikes out there that can be bought and fitted to become a bug out bicycle. Never risk safety and energy by being on foot in post-apocalyptic times. A bug out bike will bring the survivor over long distances and into safety.

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