Cargo Bike Trailers
for Hauling Supplies and Gear in a Bicycle Bug Out

Cargo bike trailers make traveling much simpler and convenient, especially in times of a crisis. You can pack up as much canned food, first aid supplies, clothes and other necessities you might need in a survival situation without having to worry about gas fill-ups or other difficult maintenance issues that would normally arise if you were trying to tote all this around with a vehicle.

ie: The Wandertec Tuba Bike Cargo Trailer Extra Large at $369.00 A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands. For carrying groceries, trips to the hardware store and many other domestic trips that used to be the province of the family car. Carry up to 200 lbs on this model.

The market is full of many options or you can opt to build your own bike trailer to save money or just ride around with a sense of pride.


The Avenir cargo bike trailers are lightweight, durable, and easy to put together, allowing you to hook up and go in no time. A flat bed design with built up sides and a tear resistant cover lets you pile in the goods and protect them from the elements and from falling out when riding over bumpy terrain.

This specific line of trailers, equipped with a safety flag, is also strong enough to carry almost 80 pounds of camping gear, survival equipment, food, medical supplies, clothes, and whatever else you may need during a crisis.


If you are looking for really small and almost weightless cargo bike trailers, then an Aosom product may meet your needs. The steel design offers strength and durability, yet the smart construction makes it easy to fold if you need to store it. Weighing only 35 pounds, this trailer, ideal for luggage or small boxes, can hold more than five times its weight so if you had to, you could tow around an injured adult, a couple of kids or a big dog, though the small size might make the ride uncomfortable.

Still, if you had to use it to transport people, you could and with a price below a hundred bucks plus a free hitch, it would be hard to consider this purchase a mistake.

Build Your Own Cargo Bike Trailers

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and do not mind recycling, or if your trailer starts to break down on your journey, simply take it apart and rebuild it. Start by removing the wheels and cover, then take the bolts out of the frame so you can shape it into a rectangle or square, depending on how many pieces you have to work with and their length. Next, take the ends with the bolt holes in them, place one on top of another and bolt them in place until you have a secure frame.

Once you have the frame and know it is sturdy, put a light, but strong, piece of wood on top of the metal to serve as the trailer base. Reattach the wheels and use the existing hitch system, which should be universal, or depending on the situation, buy or use another one because you should have a spare somewhere in your pile of emergency supplies.

After attaching the hitch and hooking up, you are ready to go, though you may be able to salvage some of the fabric and add a cover to your homemade cargo bike trailers if you so desire.

Buying, building or recycling cargo bike trailers are good decisions if you are preparing for a critical event, as they allow you to transport a lot of necessary supplies without doing too much work. The fact that they hitch up to your bike also means you still have room in the back or front for a child seat or basket rack and you can still wear a backpack, giving you many storage and towing combinations on a device that requires no fuel.

If you are planning for the worst, make the best decision and get a bike trailer, then practice riding with it so you are used to the extra weight, making turns and maneuvering.

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