Four Person Bike

A four person bike is by far the cheapest way to travel in style, undoubtedly beats the slow pace of walking and is much less exhausting than jogging. The stability and spacious accommodations of this type of vehicle allows you to travel with family, friends, pets, strangers in need, neighbors or you can just fill the extra seats with supplies. Since you do not have to worry about fuel, you can ride as long and as far as your legs can pedal, or further if you share the drive with other passengers.

Care Free

A four person bike may not be the most ideal way to travel long distance, through cold winters or as a permanent alternative to a car but it does have many perks. For starters, you do not need a license to ride a bike so if you have responsible, healthy adolescents traveling with you and they are tall enough to reach the pedals and see the road ahead, you have more people to share the burden of driving.

This means you can rest your legs, thus preventing injury, your able to ride longer and get to your destination faster, allowing you to be safe.

This mode of transportation is also much better than a car, or even a motorcycle, because the cost is basically free, as you do not need to fill up a gas tank, add oil, anti-freeze or any other kind of fluid to a bike.

The maintenance is also very minimal, as you may have to fill a tire with air or replace one every now and again but you do not need to worry about an engine light, fan belts, a broken radiator or any of the other headaches that come with a gas powered vehicle.


You can also purchase a four person bike for much less than you could a car, so you can buy more than one, maybe even get a bike for each member of your family, allowing you to really be ready for a cataclysmic event.

A basic four passenger bike has a price tag of under $4000 brand new so even if you bought four of them, it would still be about the same, if not less, than just one new car that is going to require much more money to run and maintain.

Potential Problems

You may be thinking that a four person bike also has its own shortcomings, like flat tires, rust, brake troubles and a dried out chain, all of which can occur over time and may be challenging if civilization collapses. To remedy these problems, you can stock up on full size spare tires complete with Kevlar liners and thorn proof tubes, though you may also want to buy some patch kits and an air pump.

To prevent rust, include rags or old towels in your supplies so you can wipe off mud or water and keep a tarp handy to cover your bike so it stays dry in the snow or rain. Initially, you can also stock up on products like WD-40 to keep your chains from sticking but if you run out, look to the environment for naturally found grease or oils.

Operating a four person bike is much easier and definitely more affordable than owning a gas guzzling car or motorcycle, the latter of which is preferable for cost efficiency but it still offers no room for packages or passengers. Gas or electric vehicles are also impossible to use if a catastrophic, world shattering event happens because fuel is sure to be scarce and sources of electricity would probably be difficult to find, thereby making a bike a much better option for transportation.

If you are a part of the movement to go green, like to save money or are planning for the end of the world, do not hesitate to buy a multi-passenger bike to replace your current mode of transportation.

It’s a valuable investment all round.

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