Trailer for a Bike

Buying a trailer for a bike provides you with a couple of benefits, as you can tow around a number of lightweight items from camping or survival supplies to your most precious cargo, your children and pets. However, shopping for the right trailer could be time consuming and overwhelming since you have so many brands and product lines from which to choose. So, a good way to tackle this problem is to start by determining your needs and learning which brands rank on top.

Your Needs

In order to shop for your bike trailer, you first need to know your expectations and intended use for this item. If you are going to use it to transport children over the age of one year, as babies cannot go in bike trailers, safety, transportability and convertibility should be on your list of important features when looking for a bike trailer. To transport supplies, you may prefer a trailer for a bike that is durable, lightweight and able to withstand rugged terrain. In this instance, buying a product from Croozer or Topeak is the way to go but when it comes to kids, Burley and Chariot provide top-notch bike trailers.


Although Croozer does make child and pet bike trailers, the company’s primary focus is to assist you in transporting goods while riding your bike. The cargo trailer designs allow you to haul loads of various sizes via a lightweight product that easily and quickly hooks up to or unhooks from almost any bike. The ability to convert the trailer to a pushcart plus the fact it has built in reflectors and a removable rain cover are other features that ensure the safety of your cargo during transportation. Easy to fold, store, secure, assemble and disassemble, the Croozer trailer for a bike makes versatile stowing and going fast an effortless process.


The Topeak trailer is similar to the Croozer in that it does not weigh a lot and easily protects your supplies from the rain, mud or other natural elements you might encounter on your journey. It differs from the Croozer in its design, as it is smaller and its alloy frame allows it to handle rough rides with more stability and precision than its competitor. Additionally, a waterproof dry bag protects your goods while in the trailer but also doubles as a piece of stand-alone luggage. On the down side, this trailer does not fit on every bike, as your bicycle must have the specific wheel size and rear dropout spacing requirements necessary to hook up this hauler.


The Burley trailer for a bike is among the best for children, as every model comes with a number of standard features that meet safety guidelines and provide a comfortable ride for your most precious cargo. For starters, every model has a full anodized aluminum roll cage, hitch and hinges, a safety flag, windows that block out UV rays and wheel guards that prevent little fingers from getting stuck in painful places. Plenty of pocket and storage space, soft, cushiony seat fabric and drink holders are just some of the features that offer your child the comfort they deserve while on the road.


Chariot models offer a diverse range of options, including lightweight frames, easy to fold designs, spacious cabs and transformation from trailer to jogger. The standard seats have a protective, padded harness, extra thick cushions and the ability to protect your little ones from the elements. As an added bonus, you also get a good amount of storage space so you can load up on supplies to keep your children safe, happy and healthy. 

When looking at a trailer for a bike, you have many options in addition to those mentioned above but these are among the best and provide you with a good starting point. While shopping around, you may have to alter, or at least prioritize, your criteria, especially if price is an issue. If not, you may want to consider child seats that attach to your bike plus a cargo trailer so that you can tow as many supplies as possible.

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