Bug Out Bags: Bug Out Kits for Children, Kids, Babies and Teens

When selecting gear for bug out bags, certain pieces should be in your kit, namely food, water, first aid, shelter, knife, fire starter, and possibly a sleeping bag. After that, you can include other items if you have enough space and the load is still light enough.

Outfitter II Person Wilderness Survival Kit

When a disaster strikes, all members of your family should have enough vital supplies for each person to use for at least 72 hours. Since most readymade kits are temporary, you will need to determine what else you need to pack in the kit, such as medication. 

One vital piece of gear that should always be a part of the collection is a tent or a tarpaulin. Someone, preferably an adult, should have responsibility for this important item. Having a safe place to sleep or take refuge is vital to survival, especially with children.

Bug Out Bags for Kids

When taking steps to prepare for a disaster, not everyone thinks about setting up bug out bags for their children. However, if the kids are old enough to walk on their own and can carry stuff, preparing kits for them makes sense. Depending on the age of the children, regardless of whether or not they are carrying anything themselves, these items should be part of their survival kit:

  • Sleeping sacks for small children since regular sleeping bags are not always available for them
  • A pair of strong, sturdy shoes
  • Gloves for small hands
  • Goggles to protect their eyes
  • Waterproof poncho
  • Small blanket

Of course, even if the children cannot carry anything, you still need to keep them in mind when preparing your gear. For example, families with babies or toddlers will need to have the following gear for bugout bags:

  • Formula
  • Diapers
  • A few cloth diapers as these are reusable if you run out of the disposable types. You will just need water to wash them. 
  • Wet wipes or other cleaning supplies
  • A baby sling or chest for carrying your baby on your back, since you just never know what the situation may call for
  • Snacks that your child likes that do not require refrigeration

Minuteman II Person Emergency Kit

For children you should also have at least one item that will bring them some comfort such as a stuffed toy or special blanket. Teens on the other hand will need basically the same items as an adult so their bug out bags checklist will not require extra consideration. Parents can assist older children to choose the appropriate items for their kits. They will need their Smartphone, portable charger, and possibly a tablet for playing games. 

For schools, these kits such as those from Emergency Disaster Systems are generally lightweight at less than four pounds so that a child can manage to carry one if necessary. A good rule of thumb is to have children carry no more than 10 percent of their bodyweight. Basic starter kits are the ideal size and weight for children 12-years and older. Of course, older teens, 16 and up can carry larger kits depending on their health, size and strength.

Buying Your Readymade Kit

Outfitter I Person Wilderness Survival Kit

If buying readymade bug out bags, remember that the names vary although any good emergency supply store will know what you need. Some outlets refer to these readymade kits as emergency survival kits and emergency kits. Online outfits like Emergency Disaster Systems (EDS) sell very large kits for families and many other groups such as offices or schools. This company also offers special auto safety emergency kits, as well as kits that contain supplies for much longer than the standard 72 hours. 

It is easy to find the supplies and baggage online or in a regular brick and mortar store. Complete bug out bags for 72-hours for one person or a larger kit for up to 25 persons are among the options available to buyers. It is also important to teach children how to use their kits. If possible, going for hikes is a good way to prepare kids for roughing it if a disaster strikes.

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