Bike Trailer Review: Functionality of Burley and Trek Bike Trailers

A bike trailer review is useful when shopping for this riding accessory, especially if you are about to make your first purchase. By reading reviews, you can learn about the different features, hook up methods, level of safety, ease of transportation, durability and rider comfort of each trailer. If you can weed out the reviews written by disgruntled consumers over minutiae and separate those from genuinely bad reviews, you can determine the trailers that are good, as well as those you need to avoid.

Bike Trailer Preview

Before you start to spend hours reading customer reviews, first make a list of the features you might want, such as a good warranty or a trailer that easily fits in your trunk. After you read four or five reviews, go back and modify your list, then put each feature in number order, from most important to least. This serves as a guide and prevents you from becoming frustrated, overwhelmed or giving up and settling. To further help you through the typically time consuming process of scrutinizing one bike trailer review after another, keep reading.

Bike Trailer Safety

If safety is your number one concern, as it should be if you are using a bike trailer to transport your children and not supplies, then Burley is the way to go, at least according to fellow consumers. The products in the Burley bike trailer line include features like roll bars, seat belts, a secure hitching mechanism and a design created to keep little fingers safe. This child friendly product is also sure to make the parents happy, as it easily collapses and the wheels come off with a simple release mechanism so you can store or transport it without getting your hands dirty.

Bike Trailer Functionality

Another bike trailer review also recommends a Burley product, a wheel kit that converts your tow along carrier into a push and go stroller. This device gives you the benefit of keeping all the features you want in your bike trailer, especially if you are using it to transport your child.

It also maintains its size so your child can sit comfortably or, if using the trailer to tow supplies, you can fit a decent quantity of items inside, knowing they are always within your reach. The only downfall is, if you get tired of riding your bike in a survival situation, you cannot use the stroller feature because you cannot push the trailer and your bike at the same time.

Bike Trailer Accessories

One informative and helpful bike trailer review talks about the Trek carriers, which have really good features, but that is not the reason the review is so good. It reminds you that once you find and buy your bike trailer, you need to also stock up on maintenance supplies and bring that with you.

If you are an avid biker or previously owned bike trailers, you may know this, but just in case, remember to bring tires, patches, a pump and extra hitching mechanism. You may also want to bring strong tape to patch up holes in the canvas, especially if you are riding through a wooded area.

Reading a bike trailer review makes you an educated consumer and a smarter shopper, giving you the most for your money. Keep in mind that manufacturers do put out defective merchandise once in a while, but if you read a review in which customers are complaining often, then you should steer clear of the product.

Depending on your need for the trailer, you should also look for reviews that emphasize weight, size and durability because in an emergency, you want to give your children enough space to be comfortable but you also need the ability to take as many supplies as possible to sustain and protect your family.

Some Bike Trailer Review Recommendations

Now this bike trailer would be ideal as a cargo trailer to use in a bug out, especially if you want to take something long like a canoe or kayak with you.

Here's another cargo trailer to use in a bug out. This is probably the one I would consider, over the one above, simply because it will hold more weight and costs less.

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