Solar Powered Rhoades Car


A solar powered Rhoades car is the way to travel when you need to get out of Dodge, as the power of the sun is always reliable. This eco-friendly mode of transportation provides an affordable alternative to travel and with no gas or traditional electric power sources to rely on, you can rest assured a safe destination is within your reach. Your worries may also disappear with the knowledge that this vehicle can easily accommodate a family of four and your supplies.

Made in America

Made and designed with American ingenuity in the heart of the country, the solar powered Rhoades car is as solid and reliable as this great nation. The simple design of the solar panel roof allows 240 watts of energy to come from the sun and easily reach the 750-watt electric-assist motor and 24-volt battery.

This natural surge of power means you never need to plug in this car to get a charge, as it has the energy to help you up a steep hill or give you the speed you want to reach your destination sooner. This decreased travel time not only helps you get to safety quickly but it also means you can work your legs a lot less and let them get some rest.

The superior quality of American engineering also means you and your family can safely ride in this vehicle. For starters, the solar panels completely absorb or deflect the UV rays so they do not reach you, thereby preventing any risk of cancer and sunburn. A waterproof cargo box protects the electric motor and sidebars, along with seat belts, keep your passengers from bouncing around or falling out of the solar powered Rhoades car.


The marine grade padded seat cushions also means you have one less thing to worry about should your Rhoades car become wet from rain, snow or spills, as mold and mildew cannot easily grow on this type of surface. Dual brakes, plus a parking brake, and the option to upgrade to Kevlar liners with thornproof tubes means stopping and driving occurs with no risk, so long as you are a responsible driver.

Since this bike, which acts like a car, does not come from overseas, the cost is much lower than that of a gas powered car. At just under $6500, you can travel with no additional expenses, time wasting stops and you get a two-year warranty, though that probably is not going to help you should the Apocalypse fall upon the world.

An affordable price, that you can pay over 13 months, easily allows you to add upgrades or purchase an extra bike, which might be ideal if you have a large family, want to load up on supplies or just really want to prepare for the worst.

Almost Perfect

Nothing in life is perfect and while the solar powered Rhoades car has many advantages, it still has its faults. As a bike, it clearly cannot go as fast as a car and being that it has a structure made of metal, it can also rust like a car. The tires can go flat and the chains might need grease but if you are the type of person who prepares for the worst, you surely have solutions to these minor, normal maintenance issues.

If you do not want this vehicle in preparation for doomsday, then these small maintenance issues should not worry you too much, as you can learn to do most of these repairs yourself but if not, bike service stores are not hard to find.

A solar powered Rhoades car is the first of its kind and it is paving the way for the future. As global warming, rising gas prices, city parking and traffic become more prominent concerns, people are looking for affordable, green alternatives, like the Rhoades car. More importantly, with all the chaos in today's times, it is important to be ready for anything, making this vehicle the go-to mode of transportation when Judgement Day makes its debut. Will you be ready?

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