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It is easy to find PAW fiction online, as you can purchase a variety of books, download them to your Kindle or other electronic device and some are even free via forums, threads, blogs or member sites. You can find post-apocalyptic world (PAW) material that gives you ideas on ways to prepare for the worst-case scenarios, like the tired old man stories, better known as TOM, FleaTaxi and Jerry D. Young’s tales.


Although a delectable fruit that could satisfy your sweet tooth during times of survival should you find yourself hiking along the riverbanks of America’s east coast, the type of PAW referred to in this context is mere fiction.

If you like to prepare for the worst but can also take the idea of doomsday a bit on the lighter side, then you should look into PAW - Post Apocalyptic World - fiction online. The stories in this genre have extreme survival tales but since they are not real, they can still give you an adrenaline rush with action packed scenes and to keep things more interesting, a touch of romance.

A newer author, A. American, currently has four books in his, or her, survivalist series, all of which are available in paperback, for Kindle or in auditory form. The books, entitled Going Home, Surviving Home and Escaping Home, all feature the same main character that you follow throughout his survival journey.

Aside from being an amazing journey, the stories have twists, such as family reunification and ways to stay safe when you are the only one prepared to get out of Dodge while your neighbors, friends and strangers have no clue how to survive.

These stories are also good to read if you enjoyed G. Michael Hopf’s, The End, or James Wesley Rawles Patriots and William R. Forstchen's One Second After. If these are not your style, try one of the following instead:

  • The Stand by Stephen King
  • Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank
  • Earth Abides by George R. Stewart
  • Amnesia Moon by Jonathan Lethem
  • The Scarlet Plague by Jack London
  • A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

You can find a lot more PAW fiction online if you want to read more or happen to not like any of the above titles, though they are rated as some of the best.

Young and Friends

Some of the most popular works of PAW fiction online are the many short stories, vignettes, novellas, and full-length novels by Jerry D. Young. Young has written a large number of post-apocalyptic world books and short stories, most of which have five star reviews. In addition to his own work, he also offers the works of authors such as - Tired Old Man (TOM) and Fleataxi on his website, with titles such as:

  • Bad Time's Coming - JDY
  • Bugging Home - JDY
  • Back to Basics - Fleataxi
  • UN Day - Fleataxi
  • Earthquake - TOM
  • Doomsday Preppers - TOM

The amount of PAW fiction online should be enough to keep you busy but if you find yourself craving more stories or ideas, feel free to check out the selection at Amazon. If you are new to this genre, try each type of fiction to see which you like best or read it all so you can acquire an array of knowledge to prepare you for doomsday, as these fun tales could one day become non-fiction stories.

To best prepare, try combining the fictional ideas with some non-fiction survival guides so you can get more creative and come up with optimal ways of living when the world is a chaotic mess.

PAW fiction can be the spark to get you prepping, and it’s the stories that hit near to home, that will get you thinking – what would I do in a situation like that?

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