Wrist Rocket - Modern Slingshots Useful for Hunting and Defense

When it comes to slingshots, the Wrist Rocket is the Rolls Royce of slingshots. The advanced design enables you to increase your power and stabilizes your wrist so that you can be much more accurate while getting off your shots at a much quicker rate.

More Power

If you can’t send that little steel ball, or rock through anything more than a cardboard target, what’s the use in having one? In order to be effective in a self-defense or hunting situation, you’re going to have to get more power out of your weapon than that from a traditional slingshot. Speed has a direct correlation to power and the more speed behind that little ball the more it packs a punch.

Wrist Rocket Design

The modern sling shot gets its power from the design, and there are 2 basic designs. The older simpler design has a bar that goes from the handle along each side of your wrist. The bars are connected by a strap that goes over your forearm. Rather than relying only on your wrist for resistance when you pull back on the sling, you now are relying on the strength of your forearm as well and that is what gives the rocket its power.

The newer Rocket uses a plastic contoured brace that molds to your forearm. Today many designs use a molded pistol grip rather than just a slim rod for a handle. The pistol grip enables you to maintain more control over your rocket which increases your accuracy.

Slingshots that Pack a Punch

Here are some of the newer sling shots that are designed for maximum power, accuracy, and speed when loading and reloading. These designs have taken an old toy and turned it into a formidable weapon for hunting and self-defense.

  • Saunders Pro Wrist Rocket: Made by Saunders Archery this is one of the fastest most powerful slingshots available today. It uses a molded pistol grip and a contoured wrist brace. The high velocity center pouch and the patented twin band system, gives this rocket its speed, power, and accuracy. This slingshot retails for around $45.
  • The Hawk: This is the newest Saunders easy pull, non-braced slingshot. With their Kwick-Snap band system you can easily and quickly replace broken bands and even change their power settings. Saunders makes a fiber optic sight system to go with the Hawk and is sold separately. Your basic Hawk retails for around $16.
  • Marksman 360 Talon Grip Slingshot: The Marksman is a traditional Wrist Rocket with a simple band that goes over your forearm for support. It also utilizes a pistol grip that helps with power and accuracy. The new magnetic grip pouch helps keep your ammo in place. You can purchase the Talon Grip Slingshot online through Cabela’s catalogs.
  • The Barnett Slingshots Pro Diablo II: This is a professional grade slingshot, perfect for hunting and self-defense. It utilizes a pistol grip for power and an adjustable sight. For additional accuracy lacking on many slingshots, the Diablo II comes with a 3 piece stabilizer. You can order the Barnett slingshot from MS Defense Products on line. The Diablo II retails for about $40.

Modern Technology for an Old Fashioned Weapon

Slingshots have been around for years and thanks to advances in modern technology, they have become a reliable, legitimate weapon for hunting as well as self-defense. Today’s Wrist Rocket uses things like stabilizers, magnetic pouches, pistol grips, contoured braces, fiber optic sights, and adjustable power settings.

You can still use a small rock at a pinch, but most people serious about their slingshots will tell you to use specially designed shot. Some slingshots even use a magnetic pouch to keep your ammo from falling out which could be a fatal mistake in a self-defense situation.

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