Wool Hunting Clothes

Wool hunting clothes offer the most benefit in cold climates, as they help to keep you warm while spending the day outdoors. This feature, along with the fact that you could always go ahead and shear your own sheep to create more clothes and blankets, makes them one of, if not the best, choice of clothing to wear in times of survival.

When you incorporate the fact that the wool clothes are for hunting, then they are likely to be of a higher grade, meaning they can keep you warmer and they probably have other beneficial features, like extra pockets or a hood.

Wool and Hunting

Wool clothes are the end product of a time consuming-process that begins with shearing sheep and involves multiple steps such as cleaning, combing and spinning the fleece into yarn. Like cotton, it is a natural resource but people did not begin to spin wool and use it as an individual form of clothing until sometime around 5,000 B.C., after which time it became a widespread and common means of making warm coverings. Since homes were not as warm as they are today, these clothes became a means of survival during harsh winters, especially for the men, who spent much time traveling to hunt for food.

Modern Times

Today, manufactured wool hunting clothes provide you with the warmth and security you need when spending cold days outside and while the function is the same, the process is not, as machinery allows for the mass production of all types of attire. The fact that now you can buy clothes whenever you need them is great, but what do you do when an apocalyptic situation arises and you can no longer access these pre-fabricated garments?

Well, you can of course stock up on as many pieces of wool hunting clothes as you like but you might also want to read about and print reference material pertaining to the creation of wool clothing so that, if necessary, you can make your own warm socks, hats, pants and anything else to help protect you from the cold.


Aside from keeping you warm, wool hunting clothes also offer other benefits, such as protection and variety. In addition to the typical wool items, such as jackets and sweaters, you also have fleeces, coveralls, kneepads, belts, stash pouches, camouflage items, vests, gaiters and of course, blankets.

Many of these items are weather resistant and have extra pockets so you can store survival gear, such as a flashlight, knife, rope, whistle, compass, map or any other important material you may need to carry, though some of the pockets also function as built in hand warmers. The diversity in products also allows you to layer yourself in wool, helping you to stay even warmer, thus increasing your odds of survival while in the cold for a prolonged period.

Wool hunting clothes are not a new concept and the reason they did not fade like every other passing trend is because they work to provide a very important function that allows you to survive. Nowadays, you may, for whatever reasons, prefer cheap products, synthetic fabrics or designer labels, but the fact is, your ancestors knew the right way to do things because they had hundreds of years to perfect life in the wilderness and learn how to survive.

So, whether you are going hunting or need to survive a cruel winter because World War III broke out, remember to use wool products so you can stop focusing on the cold weather and start thinking about more important things like hunting for food or building a shelter.

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