Wonder Mill Grain Mill: Grinding Flour with Electric and Manual Grain Mills

Purchasing a Wonder Mill grain mill should be fairly high on your list of priorities, as will being able to grind your own grains - which will eventually become a necessity in a survival situation. However you can begin to grind your own grain for healthy breads now.

The ability to make flour opens up a whole new range of food, most of which will store for days on end making it a much more sustainable option than fruit and meat. You'll be able to make bread, cakes and hard tack to sustain your party for years to come.

How It Works

Buying a Wonder Mill grain mill will mean that you'll need to have access to a supply of grains, whether they be wheat, oats or barley. You will need to strip the grain down, removing the stalk and as much of the chaff as possible.

The grains go in the hopper of the grain mill, which for most models in the Wonder Mill range will hold around a pound of unground cereal, and the machine will do the rest. Each model comes with a coarseness setting, as you'll want coarse ground flour for bread and more fine ground for pasta and cakes. They are easy to disassemble and clean which is an essential part of the maintenance procedures to keep your mill in working action for as long as possible.

Electric Wonder Mill Grain Mill

You can buy two different versions of the Wonder Mill which are powered either by electricity or by hand. The electric versions are naturally much more powerful and have the capacity to grind up to 100 pounds of wheat in an hour.

While there is a very small chance that you will have either this much grain or need for that much grain at once in a survival situation, the ability to produce grain quickly and without effort can be useful. You'll need to think about how to power the device, which will come with a wall adaptor - should you be far from mains electricity.

Hand-Powered Mills

The other Wonder Mill grain mill is hand-powered, being a simple affair with a clamp stand and hopper and not much else. The simplistic nature of the machine means that there is much less to go wrong and much less to clean.

The speed of the mill may vary depending on the strength and stamina of the person doing the grinding. The big downside of the hand powered mill is that you have to be there for the duration of the grind.

Drill Power

To make your life easier, you can buy a drill adaptor for the hand powered mill. This ingenious device attaches to the front of the mill and replaces the need for the hand crank with the power of your electric drill. Again, this is only an option if you have a renewable energy source for your drill, but it can save a lot of time and effort for relatively little effort and electricity.

The decision as to which type of Wonder Mill grain mill to buy will come down to your personal preferences as a survival group. Both versions cost around $240 from online retailers, with the drill adaptor costing around $30 extra.

The hand-powered mill does have a slightly hardier grind, meaning that you can also put most types of hard nut and dried herbs through for a good grind. These will require a little more effort on your part, and you'll need to make sure that you have access to a regular supply to really notice the difference, but again it gives you more options in your cooking.

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