Wireless Motion Alarm

A good wireless motion alarm will alert you that someone or something is approaching your campsite, your out buildings or your home. You can secure your perimeter with alarms that come in all shapes and sizes and at all different prices depending on what you need. 

Frequently, people purchase and install motion alarms, when a number of burglaries occur in their neighborhood, but you can get ahead of an unwanted visitor on your property without waiting for crime to come to your neighborhood. As people prepare for difficult times, the demand for these devices has increased and better quality alarms have been developed.

Assess Your Needs

You need to determine what areas you want to monitor with your motion alarms, including if you need indoor alarms as well as outdoor, and what range of detection is necessary such as a 40 foot versus a 4 mile range. If extreme weather conditions affect your home such as below zero in winter but the occasional nineties in summer, you need durable devices that can withstand the fluctuations. 

Some detectors only work with specific alarm systems but others can work with any system. You should walk your property and survey your home looking for the most vulnerable area an intruder would find the easiest to access.


The saying "you get what you pay for" applies to the purchase of a wireless motion alarm as you can find motion detectors for under $20 while other systems start at over $150.  As expected, the number of features, the complexity and the number of detectors for the alarm system all translate into price.

The basic components of the Dakota Long Range Alert System costs about $180 and transmits on VHF channels. The battery-powered system comes with a wireless motion alert transmitter and one base station transceiver.

You can buy extra transmitters and hand held receivers for the Dakota Long Range Alert System so that you can hear the alert if you are away from the base station. If you are adding to the system be sure to purchase MURS or VHF operation equipment as Dakota has other short-range devices, which are not compatible with this system. Reviewers who want to secure large wooded areas offer favorable opinions of this security network.

A less expensive device is the U.S. Patrol JB5532 2 in 1 with a list price of about $18 and it has a loud piercing alarm. Reviewers of this device complain of the false alarms, cheap construction of the alarm and unreliability, however, one reviewer points out for the cost of the device, you cannot expect sophisticated, top of the line features.

False Alerts

Moving plants, laundry or curtains will trigger a motion alarm so when you set up the alarm, you need to be sure it is not facing any thing that will swing in the wind. Little animals such as squirrels and rabbits will trigger the wireless motion alarm also. Setting the height of the alarms is critical to avoiding false alarms and, generally, a setting of four feet off the ground will detect people and vehicles with minimal animal and false alerts.

Some detectors have bug guards, which lessen the likelihood of false alarms, and many have sensitivity settings that you adjust for low to high sensitivity. You will get some false alerts even with the most sophisticated wireless motion alarm, but the more flexibility you have to screen alerts, the greater you will reduce the number of false alarms.

Multiple Alarms

If you need to purchase more than one wireless motion alarm to secure larger properties or various buildings on your property, you have to distinguish where the breach in security is. When the alarms broadcast an alert, you need distinct alarms for each sector of your property so you can quickly locate the intruder.

The alarms for different companies have a unique sound so at one time, you had to purchase alarms from different companies if you were covering various zones. You can now purchase detectors that you can program with different tones for each zone that the alarm covers.

A good plan for finding the right wireless motion alarm is to check reviews. Solar powered alarms, battery operated and hard-wired alarms are all available and some swear by one product and others claim the same product is not worth the price. You can find reviews of people whose situation is the closest match to yours, read about the system that has or has not worked for them and hopefully find the best product for you.

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