Winter Survival Tips - Life-saving Actions to Improve Cold Survival

Winter survival tips are small, life-saving, injury and illness-avoiding tidbits of which you may be completely unaware. This useful information can keep you warm if the power is out or a gas shortage occurs, if you find yourself stranded in a vehicle or if you are on the journey of your life. With a little pre-planning you can survive the cruelest of cold temperatures.

At Home

You may take modern luxuries for granted but if there was no heat, a shattered window that no one could come fix for a month or no hot water, could you survive. Maybe, if you have a fireplace or an old fashioned wood burning stove, though that plan can easily backfire if you do not clean your chimney every season or your stove pipe every couple of months.

The odds might also be in your favor if you happen to own a level five waterproof Canada Goose coat, along with the warmest wool socks, gloves, hat, and boots available.

Another of the winter survival tips is to insulate your home, as many older dwellings lack this important, heat-trapping component. This problem is easy to remedy, as you can now purchase foam insulation that comes out of a tube, goes into a small hole in the wall, and then expands.

Unless the apocalypse occurs, do not use other materials, like sheets or newspaper, for this purpose, as they can catch fire from the electrical wiring or heat pipes.

On the Road Winter Survival Tips

In addition to donning the warmest winter gear currently on the market, you should also have winter survival items in your vehicle, like camping supplies. It may sound silly but a tent or sleeping bag is great for insulation and warmth, a gas grill or cooktop can offer additional heat, as well as warm food. As far as food, you should have at least a week’s supply of non-perishables, such as beans, rice, lots of bottled water and Gatorade, fruit cups and canned goods that offer protein and iron.

Lastly, you should also have a lot of flares or at least some type of neon road signs so others do not hit you and, more importantly, so they can find you. If you utilize these winter survival tips, you should be safe until help arrives or if things are really bad, at least get you off to a good start.

Fight for your Life


Thus far, this winter survival advice offers pretty basic information but what do you do if you need to leave your home and staying in your car is not an option. To best prepare, first start with all of the tips previously mentioned and then work toward these chilling temperature survival tips.
If you find yourself in the cold of winter, the first thing you need to do is find shelter, such as a cave, hollowed out log or, if neither are available, dig a hole in the snow, as the walls protect against the wind and the closer you are to the ground, the warmer the temperature. When you find shelter, be sure to check for wild animals and think about a ventilated area.

Once you have a place to stay, the next of the winter survival tips you should follow is to start a fire to preserve body heat because once it is lost, it is hard to get back. You should also use the fire to heat up rocks, which you can use for additional warmth, to keep close to your bed and to warm up food, a task you should perform using cookware or a metal can, one that has no petrol, like a bean can.

Melting the ice or snow to stock up on water is also a useful tip, though you should filter the water using a shirt or rag. This is only a temporary fix, as snow is not good to ingest for long periods so try to find a natural water source sooner rather than later.

These survival tips are just a way to get you started in your prepatory efforts, as accumulating supplies can take time, especially if money is an obstacle. You should also continue to do more research and gather additional winter survival tips because, while ignorance is bliss, it certainly is not wise.

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