Window Alarms

As with other home security features, window alarms are available in a wide variety so you can find something to meet your needs. Installing a system that covers key points of entry is among the most important features of an alarm and by doing so, you are ensuring the safety of yourself and your family. If you want a high security system but cannot afford it right now, start with the basics and upgrade later because, even though video surveillance is good, it is not enough to deter someone from breaking your window.


Technology provides many options for window alarms but they are not all necessary, or necessarily better. If you do not want to spend a lot or simply prefer to invest more in additional security features, you can do that by getting a basic alarm for your window. You do not need a wireless or battery operated security system on your windows, as a standard hard wired alarm works just as good and does the same thing as the fancier devices that protect you.


You cannot put a price on your safety but if you could, it would be the price of an upgraded security system. Wireless, battery operated alarms not only protect your home but they are also good during power outages or emergency situations. However, you do have to check and maintain the batteries because if they die, your security system is going to fail, maybe when you need it the most.  Your system may also fail if it loses or disconnects from the wireless signal that is supporting it.

Best Option

Although the upgraded alarms do have some perks, the best option is to combine the basic system with the higher end unit. If you hard wire a window alarm that can also run off a wireless connection and a battery, then it should not fail. The wire can supply power and allow the alarm to function under normal circumstances while the battery and wireless capability can kick on in the event of a power outage or other crisis. By utilizing two alarm options instead of just one, you increase your chances of being safe in your home. 

Top of the Line

Better than the best is a window alarm that features a sensor, as this allows you to know if anyone is on your property before a break in or any damage can occur. It also alerts you if you set the alarm and leave a window open, preventing you from accidentally giving intruders an open invitation to enter your home while you sleep. As an added precaution, the sensor also triggers the alarm if it feels any vibration so, if someone tries to lift the window or an earthquake is taking place, the system alerts you. 

In addition to keeping people out, this type of alarm also keeps people in, like your teenager who likes to sneak out at night, which is always dangerous but more so when everyone is experiencing an emergency situation. In either case, having an alarm with a sensor is a good investment and it does exactly what you want it to do by keeping your family safe, especially during a crisis. 

Choosing to install window alarms is a good way to keep your family and your home safe, as many intruders find it harder to enter through a door and thus, opt for the easier way to get inside your abode. By enhancing your security system, you can sleep soundly because you have the comfort of knowing your protected. If you are thinking about upgrading your existing system or getting a new one altogether, do not hesitate or skimp out on alarming your windows. 

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