Wind Power Generators: Bergey Excel 10 and Sunforce 44444 Wind Turbine

An interest in smaller wind power generators that can be constructed on single homesteads in urban and rural areas has been stoked by the popularity of preparedness and living “off the grid”. While a few areas may not supply enough wind to make using a wind turbine a viable alternative energy source, most places in the U.S. see enough wind to produce adequate amounts of energy able to substantially reduce energy costs.

Wind farm turbines can produce 100 kilowatts to several megawatts of energy and are almost always connected to a large electrical grid designed to provide electricity to thousands of people living in a given area.

Single wind turbines designed to produce under 100 kilowatts are meant for home use, water pumping stations and telecommunications purposes. Often referred to as “hybrid” wind systems, these smaller turbines may also be used in conjunction with photovoltaic, battery and diesel generator systems in remote places where grids are inaccessible, such as deserts, rain forests or Arctic regions.

Home Wind Turbine Kits

Available for about $2500, home wind turbine kits do not provide enough energy to power everything in a family home but may help reduce energy costs. In addition, energy created by these home power generators is clean, renewable and decreases our dependence on fossil fuels. Turbines meant for residences are quick to install and can sometimes be placed on roofs or miniature towers erected in back yards. However, you should always check with your local zoning laws to ensure you are not breaking any rules enacted by your city or county.

Bergey Excel 10

Recommended for larger country homes with plenty of space, the Bergey Excel 10 wind power turbine is low maintenance and offers automatic operation capability during extreme weather. Generators like the Excel 10 are designed to be connected to your power grid using the Powersync II inverter that provides nearly all the electricity needed to power a home in areas consistently experiencing moderate wind conditions.

Small business and farming operations can also benefit from wind power generated by this turbine. Currently, a program called Rural Energy for America established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers grants for farmers and businesses operating in rural areas. In addition, these kinds of small sized wind systems provide business owners with an “accelerated depreciation” cost offset that helps reduce their energy bills.

Specifications include:

  • Start-up wind speed of seven and ½ miles per hour
  • No cut-out wind speed
  • Cut-in wind speed of five miles per hour
  • Furling wind speed of 35 miles per hour
  • Fixed pitch blade control
  • Rotor diameter of 23 feet
  • Presents an operating temperature range between minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 140+ degrees Fahrenheit
  • Permanent magnet alternator generator
  • AWEA sound level of 42.9 dB(A)

Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Power Generator

Wind power generators like the Sunforce 44444 are affordable ($500), lightweight and supply enough power to run most household appliances. The Sunforce comes with a regulator that is fully integrated and will automatically turn off when batteries are 100 percent charged. Additional information about this wind power generator includes:

  • Provides a maximum power amount of up to 27 amps or 400 watts
  • Carbon fiber blades that are virtually noiseless
  • Easily mounted to a variety of sturdy buildings, poles or the Sunforce tower kit
  • Can potentially give users 38 kilowatt hours of energy per month
  • Uses a 12-volt battery that must be purchased separately

People interested in lowering energy bills or going “off the grid” completely will find a diverse variety of wind power generators available for purchase from numerous e-commerce sites specializing in alternate and renewable energy-producing devices.

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