Water Filtration Straw:
Water Filter Straws, Portable Water Filters for Survival

A water filtration straw is one of the best ways you can prepare in the event that our water system is compromised. It’s impossible to tell when there will be an economic collapse, a terrorist attack, or natural disaster that could knock out our water supplies so it’s important that you’re always prepared.

One of the ways you can easily be prepared is by having different filtration straws placed around your home or bomb shelter. Keeping a couple in your car, purse or backpack is a great idea as well. To make sure your kids are provided for; why not keep one or two in their school backpacks?

Straws Effectiveness

There’s a company that is making and distributing a new water filtration straw to needy people in different third world countries and it’s a big hit. Called the Lifestraw, this light blue plastic straw that can be kept around a child’s neck by a lanyard protects from things like; typhoid, cholera, and cherichia coli B and enterococcus faecalis. The Lifestraw also removes harmful iodine and silver. Companies like Seychelle have even come up with a straw that removes harmful radiation.

What's the Best Water Filtration Straw

The water filtration straw is becoming more and more popular for those on the go and cannot be carrying around other larger water filtration products. The effectiveness of these straws has been on the rise and now straws can filter out anything nature can throw at us, including radiation.

  • Radiological Drinking Straw: Here’s a straw made by Seychelle that is designed to remove radiological contaminants like Radon 222, Radium 226, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium and more. This straw also filters out chlorine, agricultural and industrial chemicals, dissolved solids and metals like mercury and lead.
  • Pure Water Straw Advanced: Also made by Seychelle, this water filtration straw filters up to 25 gallons of contaminated water and is effective against 99.999 percent of bacteria and viruses. The straw is lightweight, durable, and costs less than a bottle of water. Seychelle uses only BPA free environmentally free materials.
  • Survival Straw: Not just a filter, but an extremely effective water purification system in a lightweight compact straw. Most straws just trap impurities, but the Survival Straw eliminates them. This straw can process over 5000 gallons of contaminated water and eliminates things like carcinogens, mercury, pesticides and herbicides, arsenic, cobalt, and bad odors and taste. Survival Straw comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Frontier Water Filter Straw: Made by Aquamira this filtration straw filters up to 20 gallons of contaminated water. Just submerge the filter into any body of water and you can immediately drink through its attached straw. Not only is it important to filter out harmful contaminants it’s also important to have drinking water that is free from the bad smell and taste that often comes with bad drinking water. Aquamira uses activated coconut shell carbon which improves taste and gets rid of offensive odors.

Always be Prepared

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation where you do not have access to potable water, you need to make finding water your first priority after personal safety needs are met. Long before you die from lack of water, dehydration can severely impact your thinking and make it nearly impossible to make sound, rational decisions.

There might be plenty of water around you but without a water filtration straw it could be deadly. Makers of these filtration straws use environmentally safe, BPA free, durable materials. Many manufactures offer the low cost filter straws with lifetime warrantees.

It’s a good idea to have water filtration bottles in your bug out bag and home or survival shelter, but you cannot always have bottles with you. Filtration straws are compact and light so you can easily keep one or two in your purse or backpack, or even your children’s backpacks.

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