Water Filtration Bottles: Katadyn, Camelbak, Vapur Water Filter Bottles

Water filtration bottles are the easiest tool for ensuring that you can readily create a source of clean drinkable water to provide for the survival and sustenance of yourself and your family if you are dealing with a situation where clean drinking water is not available. Self-filtering bottles are very simple to use and come in a variety of styles and price ranges making them a viable option for anyone looking to create a survival bug out kit.

Why Consider Water Filtration Bottles?

In an emergency—such as one where you become forced to leave your home and set up camp in the wilderness – it is very possible that you will not be in contact with a fully clean and sanitary source of drinking water. By purchasing several water filtration bottles,  you can easily ensure that you and your family will have clean water because these bottles are designed with the capability of being able to filter dirt, bacteria and toxins out of water so that it is fit for consumption.

What are the Best Filtration Bottles?

If you have never shopped for or used water filtration bottles before, you have numerous options as far as brand and price range. Below you will find just a few of our favorite models of filtration bottles as well as where they can be found.

Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter Red Splash

This effective $40 filtration bottle is easily potable and made by the Katadyn company. Easily purchased through the Be Prepared website, the MyBottle Microfilter Red Splash bottle removes most bacteria and pathogenic cysts. The bottle itself folds flat for easy storage and sports a cushioned mouthpiece for easy use.

Camelbak All Clear Water Purifier Bottle 

A loved and trusted brand amongst enthusiasts, the Camelback All Clear Purifier Bottle is available through the REI website. Although it seems a bit pricey – at $100 – this bottle is valuable to users and seems to be well worth the cost. This specially designed filtration bottle utilizes UV light to remove and neutralize bacteria, dirt and dangerous viruses, leaving you with pure, tasty consumable water. This conveniently sized bottle is small enough that it can be stored in any pack and effective enough that it easily filters ¾ of a liter of water in 60 seconds. Created with a special shock-resistant bottle this filtration system will easily withstand 10,000 uses or more before your system needs replacing.

Vapur Microfilter Water Bottle Filter

Another highly efficient model offered through the REI website, the Vapur Microfilter Water Bottle Filter has a number of special features that make it well worth the $70 you will end up paying for it. Said to be one of the lightest weight water filtration bottles on the market, this model weighs roughly 1.4oz and can hold nearly 32oz. The bottle requires very little filtering time – in fact, the bottle is fillable from an unclean source and drank right away with no wait. 

This efficient filtering system removes 99% of viruses, bacteria and contagions and does so in the amount of time it takes you to fill the bottle and drink. This model can easily filter more than 500 liters before it needs to be replaced and its strong three-ply build allows it to be stored in the freezer without incurring damage.

Water filtration bottles, if used correctly, are an effective tool for making sure that you and your clan have a sanitary and consumable source of drinking water even when a conventional one does not exist. Most filtration bottles remove nearly 100% of toxins creating clear and tasty drinking water that is free from chemicals, bacteria and viruses. 

Choose the bottle that best meets your price range and budget needs and try to purchase one bottle for each member of your household so that you are perfectly sure that in the event of an emergency, plenty of clean clear water is available at a moment’s notice.

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