Water Filters Purification and Water Storage by Emergency Essentials

The water filters purification systems offered by Emergency Essentials are top-of-the-line and some of the most affordable you will find available online.

Katadyn® Water Filters

Emergency Essentials carries a wide selection of Katadyn® water filters, ranging from the smaller filters suitable to take on a mobile trek where weight is an issue, to large camp or retreat water filters capable of filtering up to 13,000 gallons of water.

SteriPEN® Water Purifiers

The Emergency Essentials water filters and purification options include the SteriPEN® water purification devices which use UV light to purify the water.

Other Water Filters Purification and Storage Options

Emergency Essentials offers other water filters and purification options, which include water purification chemicals. Additionally, when considering ensuring a reliable supply of water you will need to look at water storage containers and the items necessary to store water.

Now, if you decide to set up a rain catchment system using 55-gal barrels, you will still want to have a way to filter the water before you use it for drinking, cooking or bathing. While you might think that catching rain water will ensure you have a good supply of drinkable water, dust, bug bits and bird droppings can contaminate rain catchment water.

Without a doubt clean drinking water is vital to survival, and sadly in a post-disaster situation people can end up dying due to drinking bad water. Having the ability to filter any questionable water, whether at home or while in a bug out situation can be the difference between life and a nasty slow death.

The number one best investment you can make is in a reliable water filter or purification system from a trusted manufacturer. In a disaster it will be a life saver for you and your family.

Emergency Essentials Water Filters Purification

When the lights go out, oftentimes, water is the first thing to go. If you have well water and/or you rely on an electric water pump, if the power goes out, you don’t just lose the lights and the refrigerator.

You also lose the ability to pump potable water into your home. You can store sealed water indefinitely in the case of an emergency like this, but what if it’s unsealed? What if you need to “make do” with otherwise non-potable water?

Human beings cannot survive even a few days without water, so it’s of utmost importance that you find a means to have drinking water in an emergency. Fortunately, Emergency Essentials offers a variety of filtering and purification solutions.

You may actually want to invest in more than one of these solutions, as some of them work better for small quantities of water, some require electricity, and others work better when used in combination.

If you only have access to water that you know is not potable, like creek or lake water, you’ll want to have water purification tablets on hand. These will kill any bacteria, parasites, or other microorganisms in the water.

All you have to do is drop a couple of tablets in and let them do their work. Many people, given the choice, though, will use a filter in combination with these tablets, as they say that the water then tastes much better than it does when they only use the tablets.

Another solution that Emergency Essentials offers is the SteriPEN. This handheld device uses UV light to purify water, one cup at a time. For a 16-ounce glass of water, you just hold the SteriPEN in the water for 48 seconds – or 90 seconds for a 32-ounce glass.

This device does need to be plugged in every once in a while, though, so make sure to keep it charged in case you need to use it in an emergency.

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