Victorio Grain Mill

One of the best reasons for owning a Victorio grain mill is that you will be able to use it around the house to make your own flour in the time before the apocalyptic event arrives. It's small and lightweight meaning that you'll be able to pack it with you in your larger bug out bags and have the peace of mind that baking your own bread and making your own pasta brings to your long term survival prospects.

Standard or Deluxe

The first thing you'll notice in any store that stocks the Victorio grain mill range is that you have the choice between the standard and deluxe models. The standard model comes in at around $55 and the deluxe model will set you back around $85, so the question is whether the deluxe is worth the additional $30. For the extra cash, you'll get:

  • A larger hopper - the noticeable difference between the two mills is that you'll get an extra cup of grains in the hopper in the deluxe model. This will allow you to grind more grains in less time, a bonus if you have a lot of bread to make or a large crop that you want to process quickly. The grinder is also larger meaning that the whole process is considerably faster. The standard model will allow you to crank out a cup of flour in five minutes, while the deluxe will give you a cup in under two minutes.
  • Longer guarantee - the main reason for the increased expense of the deluxe Victorio grain mill is the chrome coating all over it - which makes it incredibly durable against rust and scratches. The deluxe comes with a two-year guarantee from the manufacturers as opposed to the standard models one year which may not seem useful in a survival scenario but gives you an indication of the increased quality and performance that you might expect.
  • Motor attachment - the final difference that you'll find is that the deluxe Victorio grain mill comes ready to take an electric motor attachment, which sells separately for around $30. This will take the hassle out of having to grind your grains by hand which can be hard work and boring and allows you to increase the speed at which you grind. The motor will take your speed per cup of flour to under a minute. The motor attachment comes with a wall plug so you'll have to make sure that your electricity supplies have the right adaptor layout to power the motor.

Your final decision will be dictated, in part, by your budget but also how much flour you need to produce at any one time. If you have a smaller survival party or a smaller production area for wheat or oats, then the standard model will be fine. However, if you're planning to make bread or other baked goods a mainstay of your survival diet, the deluxe mill, with or without the motor, will be a better choice as you'll be able to get to the baking part of the recipe a lot quicker.

Both mills come with a coarseness adaptor allowing you to change the size of the grounds that are produced. This will allow you to make coarse ground flour that will be useful for bread and more fine ground flour for pasta and biscuits. You'll also be able to use the coarseness settings to help you grind a whole range of nuts, seeds and dried herbs. It will be worth experimenting with your Victorio grain mill ahead of time to see what can be ground up and what can't.

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