Vacuum Food Sealer: Pump n Seal Vacuum Sealer for Preserving Food

A handy kitchen tool, the vacuum food sealer can help you preserve sustenance for every day consumption or in preparation for the end of the world. Although the consumer market is swarming with pricey electric sealers, advancements in this area now provide you with some simple, inexpensive, non-electric options that perform the same function. The best part about these newer products, which are really just upgrades of the old-fashioned, make-it-yourself models that grandma used to have, is that you can continue to preserve your food if the world really is ending or if you temporarily lose power.

The Pump-N-Seal

This seen-on-TV device is probably one of the few infomercial products that actually lives up to its advertised abilities and lasts long-term, at least according to customer reviews. The simple device allows you to reuse your glass jars, Mason or not, by creating a permanent vacuum strength seal. Since your dried fruit, coffee, beef jerky, pickles and cookies are now in an airtight container, they stay fresher longer so soggy, moldy, flavorless food becomes a thing of the past. 

Another great feature about this vacuum food sealer is that it lets you quickly marinate food in a regular zipper-style baggie, which you can then seal and store in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to use them. Storing food using a vacuum sealer also helps to eliminate freezer burn while the quality of freshness prevents you from wasting money and food.

Non-Electric Vacuum Sealers

In addition to the Pump-N-Seal, you can find another non-electric vacuum food sealer that might better suit your needs or your budget. Some of these models are similar to the Pump-N-Seal in that they seal everything but others differ in their ability to only seal specific items. 

For instance, if you want to preserve the freshness and flavors of your food for only a few hours or a couple of days, you may opt for a vacuum food sealer that acts more like a storage container. In other words, you can seal the food in a container, marinate it and let the vacuum enhance the flavors within a few minutes as opposed to hours. When you are ready to cook the food, you can wash out the container and use it to preserve the freshness of your leftovers. 

If you want to save your food items for a longer period of time, you can try non-electric vacuum sealers that work with Mason jars of any size. You can use this type of sealer for dry produce, liquids, baking essentials or other homemade goodies for which you want to extend the shelf life. For everyday items like beans, pasta, cereal or spices, you might opt for a canister set that works with a vacuum sealing system, as well as a set of bottle stoppers to keep oils, vinegar and wines fresh. 

Do It Yourself Vacuum Food Sealer

To make your own vacuum food sealer, which may be slightly more cost effective, you need Mason jars, lids, sealers and a brake bleeder with a vacuum pump, hose and cone fitting. Fill your jar with dry goods only, as this at-home method does not work for wet foods or those with a moisture content greater than ten percent. Next, cover the jar with your lid, seal it and then place the cone end of the hose on the brake bleeder into the hole of the sealer. 

Now, hand pump the bleeder until the gauge reads at least 20Hg, quickly pull the cone out of the hole and remove the sealer. You just vacuum-sealed a jar without any fancy, high priced equipment, which is perfect if your reason for preserving food is survival preparation. 

Opting to invest in a vacuum food sealer is a great way to salvage food, save money and if you have a product to sell, it is even a good way to make money. Learning to make your own, or at least having the supplies to do so, is also ideal in the event you need to preserve foods for survival purposes. That said, you could still go out and buy the expensive electric food sealer but really, why would you want to waste good money on something that is not going to work when you really need it? 

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