Survival Clothing

The US Military over the years has enjoyed such a high level of respect that many people turn to them for survival clothing. Clothing designed for the military is made with the idea of survival first and foremost. A lot of thought goes into the placement and number of pockets, the materials used and the stitching used, the fitting, and the camouflaged pattern presented. No part of their clothing has been left up to chance and that is why their clothing is the ideal survival wear.

Clothing for Survival

Ghillie-Flage Ready to Wear Ghillie Suit

Whether you are in an urban survival scenario or a wilderness one, you can find clothing that will help you stay hidden and stay alive for as long as you need to avoid detection. When it comes to choosing clothes here are the kinds the military uses.

  • The Ghillie Suit: This is the perfect suit for anyone who wants to remain hidden from animals during hunting or human eyes while trying to escape detection and capture. The great thing about the Ghillie suit is you can alter it for each specific need, whether you are in a snowy, desert, forest, or rocky environment. You can buy suits designed for a specific environment, or you can get the basic shell and make your own to suit your specific needs. Either way, these suits are used by snipers in all branches of US military due to their ability to make the wearer virtually invisible.
Camouflage Military Fatigues (BDU's) Woodland Camo Shirts
  • BDU: Your BDU’s or Battle Dress Uniforms are the armed forces basic clothing for just about anything from casual walking around, physical training, or actual combat. You can get a camouflage design for the desert, snow, forest, urban, or any type of environment you might find yourself in. Because they are made for the military they come with multiple pockets for gear, are made sturdy to last anything you can throw at them.
  • Cold Weather ACU: Everyone knows the benefits of GORE-TEX; it’s lightweight, 100% water proof, breathable, and insulates you from extreme cold. Keeping that in mind, the military has created a number of camouflaged GORE-TEX survival clothing products like jackets, pants, as well as boots and other footwear.

Clothing and Hygiene

Military Boots Speedlace Jungle Boot GI Type

Even the toughest, most battle-hardened soldier can be brought to his knees by an illness or infection. With that knowledge in mind, the US military makes its gear to keep its soldiers warm and dry. Anyone who spends too much time in the cold, wet, or extreme heat is vulnerable to viruses and diseases found in the environment. 

Having the proper footwear is important too. As soldiers with leather boots discovered during the Vietnam conflict, having sweaty feet leads to trench foot, and a soldier that is unable to fight. Later soldiers switched to a partial nylon boot to combat the problem. Many soldiers who were exposed to the heat in the jungle had problems with their uniforms rotting off their bodies. You don’t have to be in a war to understand the importance of the right type of survival clothing for any given scenario.

The Right Gear for the Problem

Before you are thrust into a survival scenario it’s a good idea to have the right clothes patterns on hand. If you think you may end up hunting or hiding from unfriendly eyes make sure each member of your family has the proper ghillie suit. The right camouflaged clothing will help you keep from sticking out like a sore thumb and drawing unwanted attention to yourself. These kinds of clothing and footwear are designed for extreme survival and will outlast your ordinary jeans and tennis shoes. When you’re warm and dry while everyone else is suffering, you’ll be glad you were prepared.

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