Super Silver Solution

In a survival situation, a bottle or two of Super Silver Solution could be the key to a healthy immune system. If the world changes to the point where you need to access your survival kit, the chances are that finding any fresh fruit or vegetables will be fairly slim. You’ll then struggle to find ways to improve your immune system which will be fighting off all sorts of different bacteria and even possibly radioactive material.

How It Works

The science behind Super Silver Solution is fairly complex for something that is such a simple idea. Each bottle of Super Silver contains submicroscopic particles of pure silver suspended in pure water. The particles of silver are directly absorbed by your body. You can also apply to your skin or eyes for even quicker absorption rates.

Benefits of Taking Silver

The biggest benefit to your health of taking Super Silver Solution is a powerful and natural antibiotic for your immune system. Scientific studies have shown that the silver strips act as a catalyst that helps your body to break down the enzyme inside most bacteria which helps it to use oxygen to reproduce. This stops infection, viruses and diseases in its tracks. Silver doesn’t appear to have any negative effect on human enzymes meaning that it will only target foreign bodies in your blood stream.

Silver solution is the perfect:

  • Antibiotic – bacteria cannot mutate to become immune to silver
  • Antiseptic – use to clean wounds or kill nasties in water
  • Antiviral – the only thing that will defeat viruses
  • Antiparasitic – give to pets to control internal parasites
  • Antifungal – warts, athlete’s foot, and other fungal infections

The other main benefit is as a way of purging your system of free radicals which you’ll have plenty of in a radioactive post apocalyptic scenario. This is because pure silver has a very small negative charge which then attracts the positive charge of the free radicals, binding them and removing them from your blood stream. The combined molecules are passed naturally by your body’s digestive system.

Potential Side Effects

The main reason that many silver solution products are not readily available in most drug stores is the concerns over the side effects of taking silver on a regular basis. These include:

  • Argyria – this is the Latin name given to silver poisoning. Most scientific research shows that you only need between one and five grams of silver in your system to suffer the major symptom of having your skin turn a blue or grey color. This equates to six months of taking a daily dose of 50mg Super Silver Solution.
  • Argyrosis – this condition is the build up of silver in and around the eyes. This can be as a result of directly applying to your eyes or as a result of aggressive argyria. There is no known remedy for argyrosis beyond keeping out of the sun which only makes the condition worse.
  • Brain toxicity – in extreme circumstances, taking too much silver can cause a series of epileptic fits and seizures. The recorded cases of these has been from cases of extended silver dosing over a period of years and led to death in 75% of cases.

I've used silver solution for years...but only when there was a health issue that needed to be treated. As soon as the issue was resolved I stopped taking it, and never really took it for longer than three days at a time. Silver solution is about as safe as you can get, you just can't over do it, or take like a daily vitamin.

It therefore is essential that you read the dosing levels on your bottle of Super Silver Solution. This particular brand has been given GSA and VA approval for purchase and is currently waiting on FDA approval. You can buy smaller eight ounce bottles for around $25 or larger 16 ounce bottles for around $45.

The smaller bottles will provide you with around 100 doses for an adult. A child only needs 25mg a day to feel the health benefits. However, you should stop taking the silver solution if you see any signs of change in your skin color as the effects are irreversible.

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