Sponge Tampons

Sponge tampons or sea sponges are worth having in any female’s survival kit. These reusable sanitary products can make all the difference for women of a certain age during a disaster. In addition, they are natural and contain none of the toxic substances that some regular tampons do. 

Many traditional brands of tampons contain some traces of the carcinogen dioxin, which results from bleaching the material with chlorine. These products are not new, but while they fell out of use, they are now enjoying a resurgence in popularity as more women go green.

Benefits of Using Reusable Sanitary Products

The cost savings is one reason for using these disposable products. The fact that you do not have to throw them away after every use means money in your pocket. People who care about the environment will be pleased to know that these disposable items are biodegradable. 

Since they last for months, it is unlikely you will run out in an emergency unlike what happens with some traditional menstrual sanitary products. Some women are afraid of getting some of the conditions that may come from using traditional sanitary products such as toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Since sea sponges are all natural, there is less risk of developing these conditions.

Many reviews reveal that a number of women like the comfortable feel and fit of these products. Others report that they prefer to insert sea sponges than traditional tampons or a menstrual cup. Some users also find them easier to remove. Women love the fact that they can wear these products and still have intercourse. That is an added bonus for many people who like the convenience that this offers if they are so inclined.

How to Take Care of Sponge Tampons

Before using even the new ones, some form of cleaning and sterilization is necessary to prevent any kind of infection. Sponge tampons are not hard to clean once there is water to wash them and a solution such as vinegar to sterilize them. The first step is to rinse it in clean water, and after each subsequent use as well. Sterilize them in any of the following ways:

  • Place in boiling water and leave to soak overnight
  • Place a few drops of tea tree oil in the water
  • Air dry them and store in a bag or other container in a cool, dry place

Other methods of cleaning, include:

  • Boil them for 10 minutes in water or part water and another solution such as vinegar. 
  • Washing them in colloidal silver solution not only sterilizes but also helps women with yeast infections. 
  • Baking soda and water is another method that is common among users of the product. 

To lengthen the life of these products, it is wise to avoid using harsh chemicals or soaps to wash them. They are handy when travelling, however, it is necessary to carry a container in which to put the used ones so that you can clean them later when it is convenient.

These reusable sponge tampons can last for a minimum of six menstrual cycles, although some will need replacing more quickly. It is possible to use some types in excess of six months depending on the type of sea sponge that is used to make them. The two main brands of the product are Jade & Pearl and Jam Sponge although other companies have come on board as their popularity grows.

Once they are starting to show signs of wear or they begin to develop tears, it is time to throw them out. Continuing to use these sponges after they show signs of damage is not wise. They will not be as absorbent as before and this can lead to accidents.

Although there are other reusable sanitary products that can last longer than sponge tampons, these are worth considering. They are especially useful for women who like or prefer to use tampons during their time of the month. Of course, they may be a little messy but in times of disaster, they can be the best option a woman has. 

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