Silver Solution

To create a colloidal silver solution small enough be absorbed by blood cells that may help heal various medical conditions, electrical impulses pass through .9999 fine silver. With the pure silver partially submerged in a distilled water solution, the electricity releases a cloud of submicroscopic particles of silver that remain suspended in the water.

Several research studies investigating the efficacy of this silver-based antibiotic found that when certain bacteria and viruses were exposed to colloidal silver for about five minutes, the microorganisms ceased to exist. Moreover, solutions containing silver particles that were smaller than .001 micron seemed to provide an exceptional boost to the immune system, which may reduce the severity of distressing symptoms caused by shingles, HIV, painful eye issues, prostate diseases and a host of other bacterial/viral infections.

The chemical mechanism underlying the ability of silver solution to fight against disease and infections involves the disabling of oxygen molecules powering bacteria. When silver particles reach the interior of a microorganism, they essentially suffocate the bacterial, parasitical, or fungal cells causing the health problem. Moreover, colloidal silver's apparent ability to promote immune system functioning has caused scientists and survivalists to consider using this solution as a form of defense against radiation poisoning following a nuclear attack.

Research concerning radiation exposure suggests that about half of all people exposed to at least 340 RADS due to nuclear fallout or direct radiation will probably die in less than two months unless immediate treatment is initiated. However, deaths from this type of exposure may be substantially reduced if affected individuals are able to receive antibiotics strong enough to fight off the debilitating effects of various infections caused by radiation.

Because studies show that silver solution can kill bacteria and viruses outside the body when applied at non-toxic levels, the possibility is high that this substance may also prove to be of great assistance to large numbers of people who have been exposed to radiation.

FAQs about Colloidal Silver Applications

  • Use as a disinfectant by spraying it on countertops, utensils and anywhere else bacteria may lurk
  • Apply drops of colloidal silver to bandages before dressing wounds, burns or other skin abrasions to promote healing and prevent infection
  • Wash hands and feet with soap containing colloidal silver to reduce risk of ringworm, athlete's foot and other fungal skin conditions.
  • Spray on bug bites to prevent inflammation and itching
  • Never mix silver solution with water that has been chlorinated. This will render the oxygen molecules useless and inactivate the solution's antibacterial benefits.
  • It is safe to store colloidal silver in either a plastic or glass container
  • The safest and most effective kind of colloidal silver to use are solutions containing high concentrations of silver particles, has a neutral taste and does not need to be refrigerated.

Where to Purchase Silver

At (emergency essentials), the ASAP™ brand of colloidal silver is available for purchase in eight ounce bottle form. Information about the product states that it has passed EPA standards as a nontoxic disinfectant. In addition, researchers testing ASAP Solution® have found that the substance proved to be nearly as effective as other antibiotics (tetracycline, penicillen G and erythromycin) against gram negative and positive bacteria.

ASAP Solution® contains 10 to 22 parts per million of silver particles 10 nanometers in size suspended in pure water. It is considered a higher quality solution because of a unique manufacturing procedure that gives consumers a substance made of nearly 96 percent silver particulates, a more preferrable concentration than that of a solution offering a high ionic silver percentage. Generic colloidal silver solutions often are not as effective because of possessing ionic particles that denote the presence of weakened electrons lacking a vital silver atom.

People buying ASAP™ Silver Solution have been pleased with its effective antibacterial properties as well as the solution's ability to remedy ear infections, conjunctivitis, cystitis and prevent wounds from becoming infected.

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