Shotgun Review: What is the Best Shotgun for Various Purposes

Reading a shotgun review is one of the best ways to determine the right firearm for your specific needs. It allows you to compare the different products based on gauge, price, manufacturer, popularity and purpose. You also obtain positive and real feedback from other consumers who already made their purchases, allowing you to get a users perspective instead of just that of the manufacturer.


If your new to the world of guns but are currently doing some research, you might have come across some names more than others, probably because they have a good reputation. A company's positive public image could come from product reliability, the shotguns ability to meet specific needs, good customer service or fair price, all factors you should consider on top of the firearms specs.

These variables are important because you not only want a well-made shotgun but also one that comes from a company that stands behind their product. The purpose of a shotgun is to protect yourself and you do not want it to fail when you need it most.


The gauge of a firearm should be among the most important pieces of information you look for when reading a shotgun review. The gauge, which measures the diameter inside the barrel, determines the size of your ammunition, ease of handling, amount of recoil and stopping power. A large gauge number means a small diameter and therefore, less kick back.

Shotgun Review Purpose

You should predetermine your reason for buying a firearm so that when you read a shotgun review, you have an understanding of what you want and need. It may be obvious that a shotgun is a means of defense, but do you need it to protect yourself from a human intruder or an 800-pound grizzly?

If using the shotgun to hunt, do you prefer something that can hit a target from far away or up close? The answers to such questions can guide you as to the barrel and pull length you need as well as whether you are going to want a semiautomatic or slide action shotgun.

Popularity and Price

Depending on the review you are reading, one gun may be more popular than the other so common opinion may not be the best way to shop for a firearm. Instead of looking at comments claiming one shotgun is great or another type is horrible try to read reviews that are more specific. If someone likes a particular shotgun, they should explain its positive attributes but also be honest about its shortcomings. 

You should also note whether or not a shotgun is popular because of its price. Although price does tend to be a deciding factor and also a concern if you have a limited budget, you should not base your decision to buy any firearm solely on this factor. Some cheap guns might be good but consider that a manufacturer may just cheaply make the gun so that they can gain more profit. It could fire backwards, fail to work when you need it, rust just from the sweat on your hands or not lock, which poses a serious safety threat. 

Making use of a shotgun review is sure to help you make the best purchase for your purpose and budget. It can give you insight as to questions you might want to ask when speaking to a sales representative or calling the manufacturer's customer service department.

Doing research and asking questions allows you to feel confident that you are investing your money wisely in a shotgun that is going to work, protect you when necessary and come from a company that stands behind it.

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