Seychelle Water Pitcher

A Seychelle Water Pitcher can be a lifesaver in an economic disaster when you cannot rely on your Municipal water system to provide safe, clean drinking water. The human body can last several weeks without food, but cannot go for more than 4-5 days without water. Dehydration is not just something that makes you uncomfortable. Your ability to think clearly and to function physically becomes extremely difficult long before you actually die from lack of water. Because of that, it is vitally important that you have clean, purified, drinking water.

The Problem with Plastic

Plastic water bottles have become the scourge of our 21st century environment. Every year millions of barrels of oil are used to produce and transport plastic bottles of water. Those same bottles are filling up our landfills and ending up in our oceans where they will sit for thousands of years.

Is it Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has very little control over bottled brands, according to a recent U.S. Congressional report. Municipal water utilities are required to test and make public the results of those tests, while makers of bottled water are not. Very few of the most popular brands disclose important safety information such as; the source of their water, purification methods, and chemical pollutants in their bottles. You really do not know what you’re drinking.

Water Filtration

The only way to really be sure that the water you drink is safe is to drink water that has gone through a filtration process offered by companies like Seychelle. The Seychelle Water Pitcher is one very good way to make sure that your water is 99.99 percent free of any harmful contaminants. If you really want safe drinking water you’ll have to use some method of filtration like the water pitcher, or various filtered water bottles, or a filter attached to your tap.

Seychelle Products

Not only do they make the Seychelle water pitcher, they also make water pumps, filters, canteens, water bottles, and water bags. Seychelle uses a unique Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter technology that actually removes 99.99 percent of all contaminants and pollutants that can still be found in your tap water. Not only do the Seychelle filters remove the harmful stuff, they leave in things like calcium and potassium.

The Water Pitcher

The Seychelle Water Pitcher uses a filter that removes the four types of contamination; chemical, aesthetic, dissolved solids, and radiological contaminants. The filter removes things like chlorine, industrial and agricultural chemicals, mercury and chromium 6, and other contaminants like radon 22, uranium, and radioactive iodine.

In fact, about 20 harmful contaminants are removed from your drinking water by Seychelle filters. This pitcher has a half gallon reservoir with a replaceable filter capable of purifying 150 gallons of water, or about a six month supply of drinking water. Each Seychelle pitcher is made from approved FDA plastics that will not leach and are BPA free.

Seychelle radiation filters are also capable of removing 99.99 percent of major nuclear contaminates; very important if we experience a meltdown similar to the one in Japan or Chernobyl.

Preparing for Disaster

We all know that our nation’s water supply is vulnerable to terrorist attacks, not only from abroad, but from those on our own soil as well. Natural disasters like that of Hurricane Katrina can happen in many states of the US so it’s important to be prepared.

Just storing bottles of water is not enough. You need to be able to purify your water supply as well. The Seychelle Water Pitcher is a great way to do that. A single pitcher and filter can remove contaminants and pollutants from 150 gallons of water; so that six month supply should see you well out of harm’s way, when disaster comes knocking.

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