Security Pro USA: Surveillance Cameras, Weaponry and Battle Gear

Security Pro USA is a specialist website dedicated to selling all manner of security equipment from surveillance cameras to weaponry and battle gear. Your apocalyptic preparations will not be complete without some form of home defense because a break down in society will inevitably lead to violent gangs and criminals conducting their business without any law enforcement agencies to stop them.

Survival Kits

For the truly prepared, Security Pro USA offers more than just guns and tripwires, with a whole section of the website dedicated to survival gear intended for long-term survival without electricity or man made shelter. The items on offer fall into four main categories:

  • Medical - the level of medical equipment that you will need in the case of an apocalyptic event will largely depend on the amount of medical knowledge and skills that you have. Security Pro USA sell the Peace Corps basic medical package, which contains everything that you need to treat minor wounds and injuries, such as Band-aids, sterilizing pads and bandages. It comes in a waterproof hard case box that fits into most backpacks so you can take it with you when you leave your base.
  • Food - having access to long storage food will be one of the keys to success in an apocalyptic scenario. The website carries numerous options from the Wise food range, either freeze dried, requiring just heat and water to become edible, or vacuum packed for freshness. You can buy individual packets or 60-day supplies which come with their own hard plastic containers which could be used for storage afterwards. The vacuum pack meals are intended to be grab and go which makes them a great option for the first few days until you can source a more permanent food supply.
  • Drink - clean water is essential for so many parts of life and it's easy to take the stuff coming out of your tap for granted. The site offers a wide range of hydration and filtration options that will suit your needs as an individual and allow you to process clean water for the rest of your survival party. You can get permanent filtration devices, which attach to the top of bottles or containers allowing you to reuse them over and over again, or purification tablets and liquids which will purify any contaminated water in a number of minutes.
  • Footwear - Security Pro assumes that you'll have put aside clothing that will keep you warm and dry in all weathers, but recognizes that sturdy footwear is often hard to come by. The chances are that you'll be walking a lot each day, often over unpleasant territory, which is why you can buy combat boots designed for desert and jungle operations. They are weather proof, damage proof and comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Security Pro USA for Overall Defense

As mentioned before, the site also offers the whole range of protective weaponry and surveillance cameras. Some of the knives on the site could easily be used for hunting as well as protection and the pepper and mace sprays should make up a part of your overall defense package for close range attacks. You can also pick up radiation counters and alarms as well as flat tire systems for any vehicles or machinery you're hoping to run.

One of the main reasons to choose Security Pro USA is their prices. All the products on the site are marked down by at least 20% in comparison to the recommended retail price. Combine that with an ongoing free shipping offer and you'll be able to fully stock your bug out bag and temporary survival base in no time.

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