School Survival Kits

School survival kits are now a common part of many schools that want to maintain a constant state of preparedness. The spate of shootings and threats of terrorism as well as the likelihood of natural disasters including severe weather conditions makes this a necessity. While no one wants to be in a situation where they have to use this, it is always better to be ready, just in case.

Classroom survival kits come in all sizes and are suitable for different situations. The contents will also differ depending on the gender of the child and of course age groups. Some of the items that will need to be in the kit of a teenage girl will not be necessary for a teenage boy.

Essential Supplies in School Survival Kits

As with any such essential collection of supplies, there are some items that are a necessity. These essential items are:

  • Water that will last for at least three days, approximately one gallon per child
  • Foodstuff that is not easy to spoil such as canned goods and dehydrated fruits
  • Medication for kids with health conditions such as asthma and diabetes. Some sources state that at least a 7-day supply of medication should be in the pack
  • Blankets
  • First aid kit and booklet
  • A list of contacts including parents, other close relatives, doctors/paediatricians
  • Some sanitation items such as wet wipes for teenage girls a supply of sanitary napkins
  • Activity sheet or books  and crayons for younger kids
  • Extra bandages just in case there are injuries
  • For really young kids, parents should also include a couple days worth of change of clothes

Placing a comfort toy such as a stuffed animal inside is a good idea for people who have small kids. Some people also place treats such as candies into their homemade packs.

Like any other bug-out equipment and gear, this should be light enough so that children can carry them if necessary.  While you can buy them at specialist stores, you can just as easily make your own.

Readymade Kits

The different types available in stores catering for the survivalist include:

  • Classroom shut down kit: This comes in different sizes and serves a very useful purpose if children and their teachers cannot leave their classroom or the school grounds.  Some of the standard items in these include water purification tablets, water pouches, food (canned) and food bars, light source, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, first aid supplies and cellphone charger. The supplies tend to be enough for 30 persons.
  • Mobile survival kit: These have all the other essentials, but are good for taking on field trips.
  • 1-person survival kit for children: Some of these like the ones from are for children younger than 11 years old. This particular type includes a jump rope and a paddle and ball for playing.

Specialized Kits

So popular are these items these days that some companies are now making kosher kits for those kids whose religion dictates this. This is a good thing due to the diversity in many communities.  For people who make their own, they can easily include other items that are specific to the taste and needs of their children.

Some school administrators buy these supplies in bulk to benefit from volume discounts. This makes sense since the standard complete readymade kit has enough for just 30 individuals. Prices will vary widely from below $10 for a single person bag to a few hundred dollars.

While school survival kits are now a necessary item in many schools, the desire is never having a need to ever use it. Students can keep these in their lockers since carrying them around is not very convenient.

Some parents may want to include a cellphone in the kit they give their child, but a discussion with the school’s administration may be necessary first. Some schools do not allow kids to carry mobile phones. The most important thing is to know that your children have what is necessary to survive them a disaster if the needs ever arise.

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