Safariland Holsters

If you need to get out of dodge, Safariland holsters can help expedite your exit and ensure the protection of you and your family while traveling to an area of safety. The holsters come in a variety of sizes, perform a few different, but important functions, belt easily around your waist or hips and guarantee your weapon is secure.

It is important for you to know your weapon is secure so that you do not have to worry about devising another means of hunting or protecting yourself and others, especially in the beginning of your survival journey, a time that might be full of questions and chaos.

Smith and Wesson

Even people who do not know a thing about guns know the name Smith and Wesson and if you are carrying such a high quality, reliable piece, then your holster should be equal in its performance. To carry and secure this specific type of gun, Safariland holsters created the Level III Retention Duty Holster and the Level IV Retention carrier, the latter of which gives you the option of Sentry installation. It offers a black basket weave design, though solid black is also available, and caters to those who keep their gun on their right side or use their right hand for shooting.

In regards to features, the Smith and Wesson holster has an automatic locking system, a quality that secures the weapon regardless of the direction it is facing when you return it to the holster. The design of this specific holster also allows it to lie close to the body, a feature that helps to prevent it from snagging or catching nearby objects. A standard hood guard offers additional security while immediate deactivation of all release mechanisms allows for a straight up draw so you can quickly protect yourself or shoot your target. This model holster can hold the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm, the Surefire X200 and 300, the TLR-1, SSL-1, .40 ITI M3 and the LAS-TAC 2.

Colt and Sig Sauer

Safariland holsters do not only cater to those with Smith and Wesson pistols, as they also make carriers to accommodate guns made by Colt and Sig Sauer. The features on the holsters are quite similar, with the only major difference being the size, which is unique to each make and model of a gun. For Colt, Safariland gun holsters only accommodate the Gov’t 1911 but for Sig Sauer, you can use these holsters if you own a Surefire X200 or 300, a P229R with ITI M3, an SSL, a TLR-1 or a BBL 3.9.

All of these Safariland holsters come complete with a suede inner lining to prevent scratches and damage to the gun but also to preserve the finish and protect the sight. The holster also features synthetic materials that increase its strength, lengthen its period of use and also to make cleaning it easier. These standard features are sure to give you peace of mind, as knowing your gun is in a durable and secure holster is sure to mean a lot when you are trying to survive.

Safariland holsters are a good way to keep your weapon close and protected, which means you can keep yourself and your family safe. Trying to survive is hard enough, especially if some cataclysmic event occurs, so having the advantage of owning a gun is an important one when it comes to preserving your existence.

Knowing your gun is securely on your body, away from your young kids or a potential enemy, and that it is not going to accidentally go off, is a big deal so while a holster may seem like nothing more than a gun carrier, it really is an important element in protection and safety.

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