Reusable Toilet Wipes

The idea of reusable toilet wipes is an unusual idea for most people. The love of disposable toilet paper in American culture is seen in television commercials as well as magazine ads, so it is somewhat strange initially talking about reusing wipes.

In the fight for survival following a catastrophic event, however, you can better spend the time and resources on necessities rather than securing, storing and transporting toilet paper, assuming it doesn’t disappear off store shelves in the first day following a disaster.

As evidence of the cultural bias against cloth toilet wipes, it is fairly easy to find flushable and disposable wipes while it is more challenging to find reusable ones. Amazon comes through with a few products for babies, which older children and adults could use, as most are 8 by 8 inches and the wipe for toilet trained people is less involved than cleaning the baby.

OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes

Less expensive than other wipes, reviews of the product claim the thin cloth wipes do unravel at the edges after a few washes and do wear out fairly quickly. Overall, the reviews are favorable but in an apocalyptic setting without the option of simply ordering more reusable toilet wipes with the click of the computer mouse, other products are more suitable.

Thirsties Fab Wipes

The Thirsties brand is another baby product that older children and adults can use as wipes. The reviews again are favorable and they are reported as durable and come in colors, which are designated as girl or boy/neutral colors. The wipes are reviewed highly for durability and for being able to handle any type of mess. 


These wipes are large enough for adults and the reviews, which are mostly favorable, say the wipes are durable. It is a polyester wipe, which, reportedly, is stain-resistant, however those who are looking for natural fibers such as hemp or cotton find this a negative aspect of the wipe.

Personal Sponges

Another reusable wipe is a sponge, whereby each person has a designated sponge for daily use and, in theory, you can clean and reuse the sponge. Sponges by their nature absorb liquids and germs, so they can work as a short-term solution but the difficulty in thoroughly cleaning the sponges makes it a poor selection for a survival toilet wipe.

Terry Washcloth

Perhaps the most practical reusable toilet wipes are simple terry washcloths, which you can designate for toileting use. Often inexpensive, easily obtainable and unquestionably durable, terry washcloths get the job done without a lot of commotion. All kinds of washcloths at all kinds of prices are available and they are lightweight, easily stored and cleaned.


You will need some type of container to store the used wipes until you can clean them. Diaper pails are a logical choice but any container with a lid will get the job done, so even a plastic garbage bag will work. The ability to clean the holding container and containment of odors are two factors in deciding on a storage option.


You also should designate a pot for boiling the soiled reusable toilet wipes. In order to sanitize the wipes, you need to be sure to get the wipes clean and without washer and dryer, the way to do it is by boiling the wipes. Recent evidence has shown that the heat from the clothes dryer is more effective for killing germs than washing, and without clothes dryers, boiling the soiled wipes is a means of sanitation. Follow the boiling by hanging the clothes in the sun to dry and they will be completely sterilized.

The nitty-gritty of survival living leads to the very basic toilet issues we talk about here. History has horror stories of illness and disease from unsanitary conditions and resulting deaths from them. Planning reusable products such as reusable toilet wipes is part of the process to successfully survive in a post apocalyptic world.

Many will simply run out of toilet paper and wonder what to do – now you have a solution.

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