Reusable Tampons: Sea Sponge Tampons Pros and Cons

If you are looking for ways to prepare for an emergency, reusable tampons are a must have for any woman, as they are concealable, small and do not add to the weight of your pack. In case of a disaster, these tiny lifesavers also prevent you from having to worry about finding a store or spending money, as it is possible there may not even be any standing stores or open banks.

The Design

Just as Mother Nature gave women the “gift” of menses, she also gave the natural gift of tampons, otherwise known as the sea sponge. Many decades ago, as confirmed by the Museum of Menstruation, women actually did use the sea sponge during their menses, as it is highly absorbent, natural and cost effective since you may reuse it. The one downfall of the sea sponge’s design is that it does not have a tail to pull on for easy removal, though some women sew on a string with items such as dental floss, netting or gauze.

Reusable Tampons Pros and Cons


Aside from the fact that the sea sponge is all natural, which makes it biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment, it is also much more comfortable than other internal menses devices. The soft squishiness of these reusable tampons are less irritating to the vagina and easily conforms to your individual shape, unlike a traditional tampon, menstrual cup or other products you might have tried. 

You also do not have to run to the store every month or stock up and use storage space in your home if you opt to use the sea sponge during your menses. This novelty saves you time, money, makes life a little more convenient and eliminates one more thing on your to-do list. In the event of a survival situation, you do not have to stress about feminine hygiene products, as the sea sponge can last as long as a year, provided you properly care for it and keep it free from bacteria.


Reusable tampons might appeal to you more than a menstrual cup or cloth pad but during times of survival, they might not be the best option. For starters, they do only last a year and if some apocalyptic event occurs, you may need something that lasts a little longer. Second, like any other sponge, if you squeeze, it may leak, causing an embarrassing, unwanted red spot.

Another problem with this product is that, since it is a natural creature of the sea, it may carry germs or bacteria that do not completely disappear after manufacturing processes are complete. Additionally, the softness of the sponge allows it to easily fall apart, sometimes leaving pieces in your vagina, which can, and has lead to, toxic shock syndrome. Finally, the absorbency of one sponge is not adequate for a heavy flow, so you may have to use two or three at a time to avoid leakage or frequent changing of this menstrual product.

Good to Know

Since these tampons are nothing more than harvested sea sponges, you do not have a large selection when it comes to brands, so pricing might not be competitive and one product is not going to be superior to another. These products also require a bit more maintenance, particularly when you first purchase them, as you may have to trim them without changing the shape of the sponge in order to get it to comfortably fit in your vagina.

Every women has her own preference when it comes to feminine products, as everyone’s body is unique and reacts differently to each material so the decision is yours when it comes to menstrual devices. Just remember, when you are trying to survive, you want sanitary, safe and long-lasting products, qualities you may or may not find in reusable tampons.

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